Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Do you have the Flu?

“Cause I don’t…Suckers….

I’ve been skipping the freaking virus by miracle, everybody in my company had or has it at this moment, everybody sneezes on my face, shakes my hand after blowing their noses, coughs right beside me; my dad has it and the last time I saw him the flu was mean to him, I thought I was going to get it but no, it was a false alarm. This morning I woke up with a wee of a soar throat and a little bit of a drippy nose but right now I just have the drippy kind of scared away and the soar throat disappeared when I drank my banana and oatmeal shake.

Could that be the antivirus for the flu? “Cause if it is I’m a fingernail away from becoming a millionaire.

Thought I gave you all the ingredients huh? Well no! I didn’t mention one, so then again, I’m becoming a millionaire!

In other news…

This “storm” is getting me on my nerves, last night when I came back from work I found my living room almost swimming around the house; some water went inside from under the door which is about an inch up from the floor. So after I found my living room soaked in water, I also found a bunch of cockroaches running around my kitchen looking for a place to hide away from me, ‘cause they know me, and they know I’ll kill them, I’m not a nice person. They think because it’s raining outside they are very welcome to stay in my kitchen and eat my cookies, well they’re wrong, I sprayed half a bottle of bug spray all over the house and guess what? They’re not dead yet.

A while ago I had ants, then I had mice, then I had fleas now I have roaches? I think I could manage all the other bugs but not the roaches, I hate roaches!

So with this little rant I will go away and keep “working” while looking out the window and watch the “storm” that’s hitting us. (I’m containing my laughter at the storm)

Happy Soaked Wednesday Everyone!


Joel said...

YOu're writing how you haven't caught the bug yet? Oh, dear. Now you're in for it!

Wendy said...

Die, roaches, DIE!!!! mwahahahahaha....

Yoli said...

Don't start, I feel an itchy throat now :P

You're scaring them away, you're supose to kill them not dance on them *zoit*

Pup said...

Roaches are the Worst. Gross gross gross.

Exterminate with EXTREME prejudice!
Wack!! Wack!! Spray....

Monkey said...

YOU will have the last laugh when you sell your mysterious and wonderful anti-flu shake and become stinking rich and move away from those roaches!!!