Monday, October 04, 2004

Anniversaries My ^$$!

I don’t know why ours always suck…

I have no idea how on earth every celebration I share with my boyfriend are always disastrous, but they always are. I remember our first Valentines Day, I planned a very romantic dinner, unfortunately that day my boyfriend also finished the paper work for my current car which I bought that same day; the day since early morning was horrible with lots of obstacles but I got the car and a big migraine for a bonus, my boyfriend had a hard day at work too; we got home at around 11:30 pm and both were exhausted and very hungry so I didn’t cancel the dinner, I made crepes with mushroom dressing with nice decorations, when I took the crepes over the table I found my boyfriend snoring on the couch, he didn’t wake up until the next morning.

The second valentine didn’t end up as bad as the first one but it was also weird and not as I thought I planned it. You know, the naughty things I hear on TV I thought I would do it too, so I bought whip cream, fruit, marshmallows and some drinks. It came up my boyfriend is lactose intolerant and I didn’t know that and the whip cream was made out of cow milk and well, I ended up with stomach pain from too much sweet.

Our first anniversary I gave my boyfriend a nice watch, which 2 days later he dropped by accident, the machinery inside was broken and there went the gift.

My boyfriend forgot my birthday two years ago, so you can imagine how that went.

This year, our anniversary passed, I had nice suggestions from Momlady, boo, and Joel, so I tried all three.

Momlady suggested me to have a bow on myself and be mushy and romantic; I’m not Ms. Romance but I thought what the heck.

Joel said a foot rub and a back massage, I always give my boyfriend back rubs and foot massages because of his difficult job in his company, but still I could put some spice in there so I thought of something nice to accompany the bow and the body massages.

Boo gave me a thought of pampering the boyfriend and being romantic, and of course I thought of lots of things.

I called my boyfriend later in the afternoon to double check if he would come early so nothing would destroy the night and good thing I called. My boyfriend brought the recovered car back to the house along with the other car he said he would pass me and that car would be driven by no other but his nephew who stayed over for the night.

So there, my anniversary went away, no bow, no massage, no dinner and no nothing.

I think I'm cursed with this guy.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Jamie said...

OR maybe it's good luck? Like raining on your wedding day is good luck! (another reason that morrisette song sucks ass)

Chronicly Grotesque said...

Or maybe.. MAAAAYBE, its just bad vibes oming out of you.. wokring for this relationship to tick like clock work 100%.. have the intention but try not to go against the stream.. good things will come.. just wait and let things go as they are set to go.. maybe its good to work for a happier and a better relationship.. but dont put too kuch work so when life plays its dirty games on you, you dont go blaming luck.. its good luck that you two are still together against all these strangley odds...

yours truly,
a passer-by

Wendy said...

My birthdays are cursed, too. I'm sorry the idea didn't work out but WOW what would've happened if you hadn't called him first?!? Yikes!

Vadergrrrl said...

Im always depressed on my birthday and holidays.

maybe its a creative artist thing.

love you sweetie.


Joel said...

Maybe it's time for the "spontaneous holiday". You know, just decide (when it's going good and you're in the same room) to celebrate: call in a pizza, take a bath together, watch your favorite movie together, etc. Oh! And disable the phone (including the cell). ;)

Tricia said...

Hey girlie,
sorry it's been lousy!

Next year just meet him at the door naked and don't leave the house.
That's good advice!

boo said...

oh dear... it's enough to make you give up... celebrating... can sometimes suck sooo much... it's when it's a forced situation... like this day... we much have fun... or else... hugs to you yoli... maybe... you can have a spontanous fun day instead?...