Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Yoli Phone Home!


I must be an alien, I know, I must be some sort of mutant from outer space who was dumped in this planet. I’m not human, with no human feelings, I’m a Monster I know it and I’m ashamed.

It’s been a week now since my parents came back to stay and I’m already asking for a time out. Am I a bad daughter? Hope not. I’ve always asked for my own space, I mean my OWN space, and my own space is a big space as big as space itself, but ever since my parents are here I have been visiting them every single day after I get off from work; I barely have time for myself or my boyfriend anymore, my house is a mess, I’m most of the time sleepy and I can’t watch my favorite TV programs.

Yesterdays my parents told me they would go visit a friend today, so I thought “hurray for me I’ll have time for myself now woo hoo” I was making plans to stay at home and do some things I needed to have done and while I was at it get some rest and some me time for myself, but no, I called my parents this morning and they asked me what was I going to do after I got off from work and my response was “nothing, I still don’t know” to where the big mistake began…

Dad: Oh goodie, ‘cause I’m in the mood for ice cream

Me: Nice…

Dad: I’ll pitch you one, let’s go

Me: Aren’t you going to your friend’s today?

Dad: Yes, but that’s this morning, we’re not going to stay all day over there, so how about if we go get some ice cream at Tepoznieves huh? We can meet there or some place else.

Me: (Dought!) sure….I guess…

Dad: Or do you have anything to do? (with a really mysterious voice….it was a spooky voice)

Me: Uh…eh…nooo, of course not, uh, but it’s kind of far away don’t you think? And I have to get home to fix my laundry and some other stuff I need to get done.

Dad: Oh you’re right, and you have to work

Me: Yeah, and I don’t want to rush things and spoil the moment; we can go on Friday if you want (grins)

Dad: Ok sounds good, well, if you’re going to your home then we can meet there, hey we can keep you company while you’re doing your laundry, and after you’re done we can stop by a coffee shop and get some coffee to go and watch the sunset at the beach, wouldn’t it be fun?

Me: (Somebody shoot me!) Eh…yeah….weehee (boo hoo).

An there goes my “me time”

Who to blame? I don’t know, it’s been a year since I last saw my parents and now that they’re here….Man! This is heavy stuff.

If I ever want to say no to somebody I just can’t, well, I can very easily with people I have no relation or I simply don’t want to relate or definitely with people I simply don’t care about even if they’re my friends or close family members. But I just can’t say no to 4 people, those are my parents, my best friend and my boyfriend. The no just comes out like….

Nnnnn….nnnnoot a problem! With a big smile and imagining myself banging my head to a wall.

I just can’t help it, I’m too nice and chicken hearted to say no and look at their little faces turn sad.

Dammit I hate being so mushy sometimes!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Wendy said...

Yoli, when your Mom and Dad are gone you will be very happy that you spent time with them while you could. Don't beat yourself up, you're a very loving daughter. Eventually, they'll get settled in and find things to do without you, so you'll get your free time back, too.

Vadergrrrl said...

Happy Tuesday Love!

your no monster... your awesome and we love you!


Wendy said...

Dammit, I left a comment before and stupid blogger must've killed it! Anyway, don't feel bad, Yoli, you are being a good daughter. Someday your parents will be gone and you'll be glad you spent time with them while they could.
But they should start having their own life very soon, too.

Yoli said...

You're so right, I better enjoy them now while I have them with me...I'll have to get used to that.

No no no, you are awesome...You're the Snow Queen :)
Love ya back!