Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Year End Nightmare!

And the counting begins…

If some of you work in a manufacturing industry you will know the pain and the agony of the end of year inventory, I simply hate it. Yesterday afternoon I was very happy blogging around when I heard the supervisor we are not going to have production day on Friday due to inventory; my hair pulled itself up and I thought to myself, I’m in the production area, I am going to get chosen to be on the counting team, what if I just call in sick? And as predicted, I was chosen alright, but not to count parts and screw and little thingies no, no, no, I am part of the “Tag Entry” team, hurray for me! That means, all those slaves will come in early and count and count and count some more stuff and me, I’ll just put the information in the computer just as it comes in a little tag, that’s the easiest part of the job, but the worst comes when you get a hold of hundreds of tags to entry and you’re not finish, the counting team and the auditors are gone home and the tag entry people are still entering information in the system until, god knows when. That’s the scary part. Good for me, I don’t have to worry about that, I’m a fast at typing so probably I’ll get out of there soon enough or maybe I’ll end up entering the rest of the tags as the other girly morons with loooong nails are not done and the supervisors give me all their work, then all those girly snakes will leave home early and I will be stuck in here doing their job…Oh hell no!

I didn’t though about that.

Hm…what to do…what to do, should I type fast so I can finish faster, but that will mean I’ll have to help with the data entry of the un-efficient office girlies with long nails; or should I just type, regular, calmly and slowly? But then people will call me un-efficient.

I’m not Un-Efficient! I am Super-Efficient !

I am Super Yoli!

Tah dah dah daaah tah daahhh!
Happy Humpday Everyone!


Joel said...

What? Can't you make up numbers or something like Prez Bush Jr. did about those WMDs in Iraq? ;-)

Yoli said...

Nop, can't do that, big bosses know when someone makes up the numbers.. bleh!