Monday, September 13, 2004

Where did I leave my brain?

I remember I left it here somewhere…

That’s what would happen if I didn’t have my head stuck to my neck and my brain inside my freaking head. I’ve been loosing things a lot lately and it’s getting me on my nerves now.

Not too long ago I had near my night table a little bottle of massage oil and one joint ointment, last week I wanted to use it because my boyfriend was in a lot of pain from his neck to his knee and when I wanted to get those two…where are they? We searched around the house, under the bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the trash cans, in the fridge and nothing, not a trace of them. I felt worried, concerned and most of all angry because they were brand new, I just bought those and now they’re lost? One of two things must’ve happened.

#1 In the middle of the night while I was sleeping I must have slapped them with my arm and they dropped inside the little trash basket I have by my bed, or

#2 These little things grew tiny feet and ran away from home.

Last Friday I wanted to take my CD case home so I could listen to some music while I cleaned around the house. I remember very well taking the CD case with me on the way out, but I don’t remember taking them home and I completely forgot about it until this morning when I wanted to play some music. I opened my desk drawer and my CD case was gone, I was worried to a certain point because for a minute I thought someone stole it until I remembered I was carrying it with me to the car, but after that I don’t recall carrying the CD Case inside the house. I searched inside the car like crazy, and it wasn’t there. For sure they must be in the house, but where? I don’t remember seeing the CD case in the house anywhere, I would have remembered right? Even if I forgot all about it, when I see the CD case over some table I would remember, “Oh I brought my CD Case” but that wasn’t the “case”. One of two things must’ve happened.

#1 I didn’t bring it and forgot to take it from my desk and left it all alone and someone took it

#2 I took it with me on the car but on the way home the CD case grew little feet and jumped from the car committing suicide while I was driving on the road.

Last night, we were having dinner and we got thirsty, I went to the fridge to get some juice, after pouring the juice in the glass I took the bottle of juice and placed it inside the glass counter instead of putting it back inside the fridge.

I don’t know I wasn’t really paying attention.

And don’t ask me how many times have I lost my car and house keys and they were on my hand all along.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Vadergrrrl said...

Happy Monday Love!


Monkey said...

I feel your pain friend - I HATE when I lose something - I don't do it that often - but when I do it REALLY annoys me!
Have a great day!

Prestbury said...

Sometimes I loose things and then forget I lost them. Then I accidentally find them and it's like a new thing again!

Tricia said...

I bet you went out to your car... set the CD case, the joint ointment and the massage oil on the roof while you searched for you vanishing keys.
Then you found them. Jumped in the car and drove away forgetting to get your CD case, joint cream and massage oil off of the car.

They flew off the car while you drove down the road.

That means that somewhere in Tijuana... some old drunk hobo is probably listening to your CDs while he covers himself in joint cream and massage oil.

I am sad for you!

Yoli said...

Vaderrr, to you!!

...I forgot what I was going to say.

i always get that sensation, every time I open a drawer I find something I forgot I had...cute!

You woman you! Good thing I was not eating any cookies while I read that comment, FYI, I found my CD case, but I didn't find my joint ointment and my massage oil so probably you're right, some drunk hobo must be having the time of his life!

Jamie said...

Oh crap. I meant to comment here, but I forgot!