Monday, September 20, 2004

A new day…a new house…a new worry!

Now I need new furniture…

Moved out of that old crappy place last Thursday and believe me, it wasn’t pretty; if you stay too long in one place be sure you’ll be filled with lots of crap you don’t need and that’s what happened to me, I had to throw away half of the house I was living in because there was bunch of junk I forgot I ever had until I started packing and it was something like this:

“Uh, look, my old elementary school year book…man I was so fat…and ugly…ok, no time to look at it so I’ll just throw it away”

“I didn’t know I had a can opener and it was under the sink all along”

I have a meat grinder??!!!”

“Where did this big spoon come from?”

“Oh look my Winnie the pooh cup”

“My ankle holder I found it…after so many years…Uh my snow boots…and my bunny ear covers”

I found many other things, except my joint ointment and my massage oil…damn things!

We spent exactly 13 hours moving and we were poofed, and we spent all weekend putting everything in place; before I needed room to put all my stuff, now I need things to cover all the empty spaces I have in this new house, like for example, a new living room, a couple of night stands, 2 or 3 tables, one carpet, two hight chairs. So beware people, Open house coming soon.

The only thing I need to finish up and it’s more like an emergency than a need, is that carpet in my room to be washed, it’s so dirty I can actually see all the strange human dust mites walking over it, it gives me the creeps, so probably I’ll finish up with that today, hell right now, well as soon as I get off from work.
So I feel extremely tired, sleepy, achy and I’m planning this weekend should be very quiet, so quiet I am not going to get out of bed for anything, so don’t ring my bell because I’m home!

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Joel said...

YOu're back!

Re: moving.
Yikes! We're remodeling our house and we're going to have to move a bunch of stuff from the affected areas. I can already see myself finding things I had forgotten:

"What is that? Another deck of cards?"

"These should be developed. How old is the film? Twenty years?"

"Yikes! Is"