Friday, September 10, 2004

It’s Friday…and it’s a quickie!

But not that kind of quickie of course…

No I haven’t been busy; I’ve been lazy, that’s why I have not posted anything all week.

It came the time to pay my rent to mother nature and I am extra grouchy today so everything that stands in front of me is a pain in the toosh.

These are the things that bugged me the most all week…

My coworker doesn’t stop complaining about how deficient is everybody but she’s the saver of the day, ‘cause she’s the goddess of all goddess.

My coworker has been whining how everybody is so “Naco” and she’s the only one in this company with class, ‘cause she’s the goddess of all goddess.

My coworker has not stopped “eating people alive” behind her back, everybody are idiots, asses, ho’s and hoochie mamma’s, except for her, ‘cause she’s the goddess of all goddess.

I’ve been shutting my mouth all this time but I am not in the mood to listen to this woman today, I’ll just tell her to shut up with her big pink purse she never stops using even when she’s wearing clothes that don’t match.

The worst thing someone can do to me is call me more than once a day…My parents have been calling me at work 2 times every 10 minutes or so and it’s driving me insane. Someone shut my phone off please!
Happy Friday Everyone!

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