Friday, September 10, 2004


Scale (%) results:
Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism85%
Type 2Helpfulness41%
Type 3Image Focus50%
Type 4Hypersensitivity53%
Type 5Detachment88%
Type 6Anxiety89%
Type 7Adventurousness29%
Type 8Aggressiveness70%
Type 9Calmness69%
Your main type is 6
Your variant is social
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Now these kinds of tests I like to take...I'm a 6.... yei!


boo said...

Ah... an interesting insight into your personality... i love these tests too... hours and hours... of fun... i'm off to find some more!...

Tricia said...

I am a Narcissistic Histrionic.
We should all be like me. I am the best!

Wendy said...

See Yoli, there's nothing wrong with you. So what if you're a little anxious, you make strong relationships. Yay for you! :)