Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Happy New F. Year!

F. Stands for Fiscal, don’t get me wrong…

For those who work in manufacturing companies or similar to that, Happy New Year. It is the time when we all make new promises where we will reach efficiency over the 120%, when all rejects should reach “0”, when the new budget is cut so low it says we shall not use more than 2 pieces of 1 ply toilet paper what ever the circumstances are. The time when we prepare for our two week Christmas shut down and corporate says we are still low on production which means no Christmas bonus or salary pay while we are shut down.

Oh yeah? Well F. you Nutter Industries!

In other news…

I had a family reunion last Sunday, it was chaotic; I never saw so many members of my family together in one house, and worst, never saw any member of my family connecting with members of my boyfriend’s family before. People ask, “Does this mean this relationship is officially official?” I don’t F. think so, Ii means I’m just being nice with my boyfriend who wanted to bring his sisters and their families to my house and cook some weirdo greasy meals for my parents and myself, but I didn’t let them get away with it, so I converted the hideous lunch into a “Meet my boyfriend’s weird family” reunion and it worked out fine, though it was not perfect.

As expected, my boyfriend’s family didn’t want to eat our meals as they come from another country which means another custom which means another culture which means another taste in food, food we western people don’t find very attractive just by looking at it and I think they say the same about our own food. No we didn’t have “Tacos de Carne asada” or “Roll Taquitos” or “Chicken fajitas” or any of those dishes they serve in “Taco Bell” I mean we ate real Mexican food, we ate “Mole” and it was delightful, the best I’ve eaten since my mom last cooked it when I was 12.

So while my family was enjoying the last little spot of Mole in the dish, my boyfriend’s family was just staring at us enjoying our meal. I did invite them to eat but they just made this weird “yucky” face when they saw the plate; I think that means no in all the languages right?

Despite the other part of the family didn’t eat anything and left my house with just one piece of fruit in their stomachs, they were very happy they met everyone else, and were invited for another family reunion lunch in the near future.

What’s for lunch you say?

*Making Yucky Face* Sheep heads (A Persian delight)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Wendy said...

Look at me, I'm first!!!

Maybe I should move to your boyfriend's family's country...sounds like I could lose a lot of weight there since I wouldn't eat any of that stuff! Sheep heads...damn.

Now mole...them's good eatins. :)

Yoli said...

Yep, you would live out of bread and water my dear friend :)

Mole...if you have a chance...try it...mm mm good :P

Joel said...


Yoli said...

Yes my friend Joel...Mole!

Tricia said...

Poor thing... at least they don't eat Ostriches!

This was so funny I had to read it to my husband.
He is laughing right now.

Big Hug

Yoli said...

They don't eat ostriches, but they do eat ostrich eggs, and I'm not making a yucky face you see?