Thursday, September 23, 2004

Changing Flats 1.1!

If there were a course I would take one…

I read Prestbury’s diary yesterday and it came to my mind, no is not boring to change a flat tire, more if it ‘s from a car.

Not too long ago when Yoli got her very first car she had her very first flat tire in the middle of a small road, it was about 9:00 pm (I worked over time that day) a few blocks away from home when I heard a big “Boom”, my car’s wheel was all weird and wiggly and the car bumped and bumped until I pulled over the road.

I remembered my dad told me before I bought my car that I should be prepared for anything unexpected and flat tires were always unexpected, so my dad gave me a little course on how to change a tire, I saw every little thing he did, how he took out the bolts and how he moved that screw driver but I never had a change to really change one tire. But I was not to worry as I knew how to change a tire already because I saw my dad one time changing one and it looked pretty easy deal to do.

So the unexpected came unexpectedly for me at the wee hours when all the tire shops are closed, or any thing that looked similar to a business was also closed and very few people was walking by that little road a few blocks away from home. So I say to myself:

No biggie, I’ll change my own tires, I know how to change one!

And so the game began. To start I had to open the trunk, easy thing to do, then, I had to take the spare tire out of its compartment inside the trunk, piece of cake. Then, I had to take the spare tire out of the trunk, just clear things out in here, my spare tire was not that tinny puny little tire, oh no, it was a regular tire that I bought as a spare, so it was as heavy as the rest of the other tires. Well, to be honest, it took me about 10 minutes to take that tire out of the trunk because it was too damn heavy. I forgot to mention I was wearing my uniform and that uniform was a beige cashmere executive suit by the way. Anyhoo, I finally took the tire out of the trunk, by then my energies were drained and I could barely breathe but I took out the damn tire, I didn’t notice until I rolled the tire over where the flat was when I discovered my beige cashmere suit was no longer beige, now it was black with tire marks all over it, well, there goes my uniform and a good expensive pay to the cleaner.

No problem, the worst is over I thought, but the nightmare was about to get juicy as I proceeded to change the tire. So I get my jack and begin pumping the little thing, over and over and over and over, scratching my hands and nails as the little thing hit the floor then I remembered I had to loose the bolts in the tire before I could lift the car, so there I went again pumping the little thing backwards, that was easier. So I get the crossed screw driver and put it in the first bolt and I twist…it was hard, so I twist some more, the screw driver is not moving but the flat tire was; it came to my head one time my had tightened the bolts in the car so much he had to jump over the screw driver to loosen the bolt, and that’s what I decided to do, so I hop in screw driver and make a small jump over it, it didn’t loose the bolt but it did loose the heel in my shoe…bad idea.

I tried, and tried, tried so hard to take that freaking bolt out of the tire until I got really tired, then I tried with the other bolts but I was so weak by then my hands were not responding.

It was frustrating and I had no other choice but to call dad to come and pick me up and help me change the flat, I mean, I was just a few blocks away. So I dialed my dad’s phone number and the line is busy, ok I said, he will hang up for sure in a few minutes, in the mean time I kept trying to loose those bolts but it was useless.

I called my dad again and the line was still busy, by then it was about 10:30 pm and I still couldn’t loose those bolts, my dad was on the internet and didn’t see it was too late and I was not home yet. A few minutes later my dad calls in, but my cell phone is running out of charge so I have to speak fast with him to tell him where I was, luckily I gave him the instructions half way but my dad found me anyway.

My dad was in shock when he saw me, with my hair all messed up, with tire marks all over my suit, my face was black and a broken shoe, he said “What happened to you? Did you get ran over by a car? I said no, I am trying to change a tire!!!

My dad helped me out and in less than 5 minutes the flat was on the truck and we were heading up home to have me washed from tire stains.

So you see ladies who are reading this post, it is very difficult for a girl to change a flat tire, those bolts are too tight and definitely I have no strength, I think I should go to the gym first and pump some iron before I can pump the jack and change a tire all by myself.

Moral of the story, women should know anything about cars, who knows, maybe something unexpected might happen, like me.

Happy Thursday Everyone!


boo said...

hey my fave lil yoli... i have also watched men change tires... all great... but trying for ourselves... not good... but i am impressed... that you last as long... i would have given up... with the tyre... in the car!...

Have you got... all your furniture yet?...

Jamie said...

Haaa, the SAME thing happened to me!!!! I did everything until those DAMN bolts!

Luckily for me, even my dad had trouble, and stripped one, so I felt better.

Monkey said...

I found your story to be hilarious - (even if you didn't mean it to be!)
You did well my friend - you tried so hard!
It's NOT the easiest thing in the world to do - and maybe for some women it flat-out sucks huh!?
I personally would rather change a flat tire any day than do something like make and pack my kid's school lunches! It's funny how something so easy for one can be tough on another.
Thanks for a great and funny post my friend and have a great weekend!

Yoli said...

I'm an anxious person and if I start something it means I must finish it, but I just could not bare the pain in my arms anymore, I had to give in :)
I'm off this saturday in search of my furniture! The house is still looking empty with all the junk I dumped in there though.

Did the soar pain lasted a week for you like it did for me? I wanted to have my arms cut, it was horrible!

I'm glad you enjoyed my little story, any day when I have a flat tire I'll let you know and I'll pack your kids lunches anytime :)

Tricia said...

* pats Yoli's head

Ostrichs shouldn't have to change tires!
te amo!

Vadergrrrl said...

Im so helpless when it comes to cars. I know it doesnt take rocket science.... buts its so dirty and greesy.

luv ya Yoli!