Wednesday, September 01, 2004



I’ve been without work for almost a week now because of problem in one of the sprinklers we build here and it is starting to tickle my frisky nerve now. Good thing I’m getting paid to do nothing so I am happy for that.

On the other hand, it takes me such a big effort to get out of bed lately, that I wished I called in sick. This morning I had to take my parents to the phone company to install a new line for them and I got out of work at 11, I was so happy I didn’t want to come back. I’m going to sound cruel but it wasn’t because I was with my dad all that time but because I was out of this desk and pc for 3 full hours.

I can see right through my window where two little tiny cameras are looking at me funny and I can see today the production lines are running. Fun part of this is when I hear the water pump spraying water over the operators I immediately show my head on the window to see who got lucky (that’s my entertainment at this moment ‘cause there’s really nothing to do here).

So if it wasn’t for the water tests I would be banging my head on the keyboard by now, this heavy lunch I had earlier is not making it any easier for me to keep my eyes wide open.

Sorry Tricia, there’s nothing at this moment that could make me green. But I can eat lots of avocados, green peppers, jalapenos and cilantro, maybe that will help a bit. Although it will not turn me green but it will turn other things green….Now that…was disgusting.

So while I get back to work tomorrow I’ll keep up with my regular routine of looking at the window and catching others taking out their undies from their toosh, or people walking funny because they’re holding it until they get to the restroom and so (I’m sorry, the restrooms are right in the corner of my window and it’s a big window, I just can’t help take a peep).

Oh look…a fly! And it’s a big one…where did that came from?
Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Jenn said...

Yoli girl you are just way to funny! I have been missing you! I am just hardly ever online anymore. I still read everyones blogs I just don't seem to have a comment for everyone. Love you girlie!

Prestbury said...

I like your sprinkler-and-water stories. They're funny!

Tricia said...

I like it when my frisky nerve gets tickled!

You don't HAVE to turn green for me... I'll still keep coming back... although I don't know how you can stand the phone company without turning green

So you rest up and play on your PC... I'm gonna go tickle my frisky nerve;)

Yoli said...

Girl, thanks for stopping by, I know you're busy with your boys :)

Love ya too

How can it not be funny to see people getting sprayed by water by accident. That cracks me up!

Wopah! Just don't tickle that frisky bone too much, you might get stuck in there LOL
Speaking of turning green over a phone company. I'll post some of that later on, it really does turn me green just to think about it....Agghhrrr!