Friday, September 03, 2004

1st. Friday Quickie of the Month!

And there will be many more...

As a tribute to my grouchiness today I am wearing my official grouch lothing...My Oscar the Grouch T-shirt.

Don't bother me, I'm in my regular grouchy mood like every other month I should because that's the only way I can reveal myself against those who are not in the same mood as I am, that is, everybody's happy except for me.

What did I just say and why? I don't know and I don't care.

For my fellow american readers (I'm starting to sound like Bush now) I wish you all a happy labour day and Viva la Vida Loca. (Now I'm starting to sound drunk and It's only noon)

Here's a little petition to our fellow neighbors who will plan to visit our beaches in this labor day weekend:

Please don't polute my country as it is already filled with trash, I know it already looks like a dumpster but please don't help us, we have enough with our own trash already.

Women, if you're going to flash your boobs out to our mexican citizens please show some good ones as I have seen some that need some lifting and is quite gross (I've heard Aloe Vera makes wonders).

Men if you're thinking of catching a good tan then do it somewhere people won't see, beer bellies don't look nice especially if they're extremely hairy (I've heard hot wax and a lipectomy makes wonders)

Please drive safely as some of us do not own cars with car insurance and if you hit us you will simply leave us with no other transportation but our own feet as many of our cars are yunked.

This petition is in the name of if not all but a few of the Mexicans who live in the border of California.

The Mexican Tourism Board invites you to visit Mexico.

All the Margaritas you can drink during happy hour 7 am to 9 am. Kids free with 2 adult admission to any of our table dance locations includes one lap dance by the fat lady in the corner. Free hair breed with the purchase of 5 family size burritos. First 100 customers will receive one rear view mirror hanging size sombrero of any color. Free horn change to "la cucaracha" beat with the purchase of 1 car alarm $100 USD or over. Offer good by 9/6/04 or while supplies last.

Happy Friday Everyone!


Jamie said...

I am there with the margaritas! Even at 7 am, they taste good! And I swear I won't litter!

I never thought the grouch was all that grouchy. He was just the one with a bit of sense, in a frustrating neighborhood, with a bunch of peeps with a 5 year old mentality!

I always liked him the mostest!

Did I end every sentence with a "!"


Tricia said...

See I thought you were the hulk!
No, you've been Oscar the Grouch?

I'm with Jamie... Oscar rules!

Monkey said...


I'm not the only one in the world who ends EVERY sentence with an "!"!?

I'm not alone!


Great post Yoli!!

Tricia said...

Good Morning Yoli... we are flooding right now.
I have to go... it is time to swim to work!

Yoli said...

Don't worry, I begin and finish my sentences with (.) so why not finish with (!) :)

Happy swimming to work. If I were you I would get my canoo, it's less work hehe

Thank youuuuu :)

toron said...

Fuckin scary. I have an Oscar the Grouch t-shirt and I'm wearing it now.