Thursday, September 02, 2004


I’m boiling here…

That’s it! I’m tired of everybody coming in and out as this was their freaking office.

WTF is up with people looking at what I’m doing when I’m on the computer? Is non of their damn business…Punks!

What would they think if I walked over sneaking over what they’re doing in the computer huh? They wouldn’t like it, would they?

Did I mention I have two BIG ASS windows and one puny camera looking at me funny and 3 doors on each side? It’s making me tired you know, I have no way to make my computer “invisible” for everybody!!! If it’s not the window they’re looking at, is the front door and if is not that door is the back door and if it’s not that back door is the side door. What’s up with this company and doors? There’re doors everywhere you go, there’re as many doors as employees in this place, and windows….don’t get me started!

Despite the fact that I don’t have a cubicle which means I feel so naked and it really is annoying me to the tip of the last tiny hair is growing inside my head right now I have another problem…my cell phone company.

Thank you Tricia for bringing this “beautiful” memory back to my head now.

I’ve been trying to cancel my mobile service for over a week now because they don’t have new receivers for contract renewal and my old cell phone doesn’t work anymore, besides, I deserve a new one. So this is what I get in response:

*611: Good morning Telefonica Movistar how can I help you?

Me: Yes good morning, my name is Yoli and my numbers is….

*611: Yes and what can I do for you miss?

Me: I need to know if you have new receivers for contract renewals please.

*611: Ok, can I please have your name?

Me: (I already gave it to you!!) Yoli

*611: And your phone number please.

Me: (Where you even listening while I was talking you at first?) 555-6155

*611: Ok, and what seems to be your problem?

Me: (What tha!!) I asked if you have new receivers for contract renewals

*611: (Long pause) I’m afraid not miss

Me: Do you have any idea when will you get those? I have been waiting for over 3 months now to renew my contract with you and my current receiver doesn’t work anymore.

*611: I’m sorry but we do not have that information in hand at this moment.

Me: Then I will have to cancel the service please.

*611: Sure, what is the reason why you want to cancel the service with us?

Me: (I am sure, this person is a complete idiot!) Because you don’t have new receivers and you’re giving me a bad service thank you.

*611: Ok, let me transfer you with our cancellations department so you can proceed with your cancellation.

Me: Thank you

*611: Corny elevator music begins…

Me: Still waiting and falling asleep with that corny elevator music…

10 minutes later, the line cuts.

At this point….yes Tricia…I turned green!

So I dial again, maybe they forgot about me and left me on hold…right?

Let’s pretend I called again and just copy and paste the text in the top and multiply it by 5 ok?

And what was expected I was not green but black, black as a rotten avocado yes in deed.

I just give up, I can’t take it anymore, that’s it, I’m going to have to live with this useless wireless phone for the rest of my life with this horrible service provider till the day I die. What if I just die?? Will they still charge me for that??

I’m sure they will, they will just dump the phone bill on my grave on hold for me to pay them in my next life!

In other news…

Yoli is the handy-girl in the office, yep yep, not only does she makes good reports and stuff that regular admins do but also she fixes copier maches, faxes, printers and all those little electronic gadgets.

Yoli the girl who could not afford to pay her college degree and had to stuck her life as a secretary, the girl who does not “belong” in the engineering world because she doesn’t have a degree, yes that Yoli

This afternoon while I was creating some new reports for this new month and the end of the fiscal year ,some punk ass so called “Process Engineer” with a master degree in Irrigation systems and so came to me asking me what was wrong with the printer because it didn’t print.

So there I go, getting out of my own concentration to take a look at the printer and what do you know? It didn’t have paper, that’s why it didn’t print….Well there you go Mr. Process Engineer with a master degree in irrigation systems, the printer is working now.

But that didn’t stop there; as I was getting back to my job, this punk ass so called “Process Engineer” with a master degree in irrigation systems and so called me again because the printer was making crunching noises and it wasn’t printing again, and this time it did have paper in the trays.

So there I go again, checking the printer and what is wrong and what do you know? There’s a paper jam, I didn’t discover that by myself, I’m no jinnee, it said it right there on the screen with big flashing words “PAPER JAM, check right door”.

I did everything there was inside my imagination to get that paper out of there because it was so stuck in there it was barely impossible to take out until finally it did, in the mean time that punk ass so called “Process Engineer” with a master degree in irrigation systems was looking how I was working the paper out of the freaking printer.

I don’t care what, how and who are those punk asses so called “put what ever title you want in here”, for me, if these people don’t know how to take out a jammed paper from a printer they’re just punk ass people with shhiiiiatttt in their brains, in very few words, they’re a bunch of retards useless idiot good for nothing engineers.

And yes I’m boiling green over here!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Prestbury said...
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Prestbury said...

They have you running through hoops at your work what with the copy machines and everything, Yoli. But maybe you should run through sprinklers instead to cool down! Or just have a coffee! I hope you have a good weekend anyway!

Jamie said...

Such a colorful person you are. But I would like to see some blues, or pinks, or soft yellows...

Just kidding. Oh, and do they not put locks on any doors? I would so make one of the doors a perfect place for a shelfing system, and then you can hide the puter!

Sloth said...

Oh my god, Yoli. I just adore you. You are so so so cute and funny even when you're complaining. (Well, especially when you're complaining.) I just want to pat your head and put you in my pocket!

Yoli said...

Thank you so much for your nice wishes friend :)

I am colourful, it all depends of the mood I am in. But mostly I'm always green in different shades. Blah!

If you were to put me in your pocket probably I would rip your dress/shirt/coat or what ever you have on, I'm too freaking big. But you can pat my head if you want :).

Tricia said...


I love a green Yoli!
It goes perfect with your cute little ostrich face!

So sweet... until she turns green then watch out! Aten foot green Yoli is coming after you.

Now it's my favorite part!

Pet the Yoli and make her feel better.
Good Yoli... good good Yoli.

Now hug the Yoli.
Big hugs Yoli.
Sweet Yoli.

See Yoli is turning right back to her sweet cute ostrich self.

Please YoYo... don't pull out that last hair... it is so cute! That is my favorite hair.

Yoli said...

You're a sweet! SMACK!