Thursday, September 30, 2004

92 Days Left For 2005!

I wouldn’t mind if the world didn’t go round that fast you know I’m not in a hurry to be 26…

Boy that sentence was long!

Did I mention my boyfriend found his last stolen car? No? Well he did (hurray), is not miraculous though but for us it was, I mean, two months before the other car was stolen and never was recovered although I have told my boyfriend we should go around the junk yards in Mexico and look for it, hm, little piece by little piece till we complete the car? It doesn’t sound that bad you know.

The US police reported the car found exactly 5 days after the car was stolen, of course the police sent a post mail notification so it took another 3 days to deliver, well anyway, he didn’t know until Wednesday of last week, the car was intact, not one little scratch on it, just the locks were screwed up along with the ignition but who cares? He’s got his car back, boyfriend is happy, I am happy ‘cause I have a new car now hehe, he’s passing me the one he just bought and my crappy old car which had a weird stick shift complex although its automatic is going to be passed to my parents, and my parents, well, they’re happy too ‘cause they’re getting a “new” car…my crappy old car. So I guess this year is going to end up in good shape, which was about time.

I mean, since last year things haven’t been so nice for me since I got out of my favorite perfect job to end up in a crappy joint with a crappy boss until I found Nutter Industries, I can’t complain about this job, except for the automatic flushing toilets, they’re still giving me a hard time when I’m still sitting there and suddenly I feel air refreshing my tooshie, I still can’t get used to that though; oh and the automatic sinks, can’t they lower the pressure on those things? I get showered all over my clothes every time I wash my hands.

My boyfriend and I will be 1 year of living together and 2 years of relationship so I guess I should plan something nice, though I have no clue of what to give him; it will definitely not be a material thing because I know he’ll loose it right away and I will only find the bow and the wrapping paper where I put the thing I gave him so I am not going to give him that, but it should be something else, or should I just give him a bow and wrapping paper as a gift? He never looses those.

Any suggestions?

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Happy New F. Year!

F. Stands for Fiscal, don’t get me wrong…

For those who work in manufacturing companies or similar to that, Happy New Year. It is the time when we all make new promises where we will reach efficiency over the 120%, when all rejects should reach “0”, when the new budget is cut so low it says we shall not use more than 2 pieces of 1 ply toilet paper what ever the circumstances are. The time when we prepare for our two week Christmas shut down and corporate says we are still low on production which means no Christmas bonus or salary pay while we are shut down.

Oh yeah? Well F. you Nutter Industries!

In other news…

I had a family reunion last Sunday, it was chaotic; I never saw so many members of my family together in one house, and worst, never saw any member of my family connecting with members of my boyfriend’s family before. People ask, “Does this mean this relationship is officially official?” I don’t F. think so, Ii means I’m just being nice with my boyfriend who wanted to bring his sisters and their families to my house and cook some weirdo greasy meals for my parents and myself, but I didn’t let them get away with it, so I converted the hideous lunch into a “Meet my boyfriend’s weird family” reunion and it worked out fine, though it was not perfect.

As expected, my boyfriend’s family didn’t want to eat our meals as they come from another country which means another custom which means another culture which means another taste in food, food we western people don’t find very attractive just by looking at it and I think they say the same about our own food. No we didn’t have “Tacos de Carne asada” or “Roll Taquitos” or “Chicken fajitas” or any of those dishes they serve in “Taco Bell” I mean we ate real Mexican food, we ate “Mole” and it was delightful, the best I’ve eaten since my mom last cooked it when I was 12.

So while my family was enjoying the last little spot of Mole in the dish, my boyfriend’s family was just staring at us enjoying our meal. I did invite them to eat but they just made this weird “yucky” face when they saw the plate; I think that means no in all the languages right?

Despite the other part of the family didn’t eat anything and left my house with just one piece of fruit in their stomachs, they were very happy they met everyone else, and were invited for another family reunion lunch in the near future.

What’s for lunch you say?

*Making Yucky Face* Sheep heads (A Persian delight)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Changing Flats 1.1!

If there were a course I would take one…

I read Prestbury’s diary yesterday and it came to my mind, no is not boring to change a flat tire, more if it ‘s from a car.

Not too long ago when Yoli got her very first car she had her very first flat tire in the middle of a small road, it was about 9:00 pm (I worked over time that day) a few blocks away from home when I heard a big “Boom”, my car’s wheel was all weird and wiggly and the car bumped and bumped until I pulled over the road.

I remembered my dad told me before I bought my car that I should be prepared for anything unexpected and flat tires were always unexpected, so my dad gave me a little course on how to change a tire, I saw every little thing he did, how he took out the bolts and how he moved that screw driver but I never had a change to really change one tire. But I was not to worry as I knew how to change a tire already because I saw my dad one time changing one and it looked pretty easy deal to do.

So the unexpected came unexpectedly for me at the wee hours when all the tire shops are closed, or any thing that looked similar to a business was also closed and very few people was walking by that little road a few blocks away from home. So I say to myself:

No biggie, I’ll change my own tires, I know how to change one!

And so the game began. To start I had to open the trunk, easy thing to do, then, I had to take the spare tire out of its compartment inside the trunk, piece of cake. Then, I had to take the spare tire out of the trunk, just clear things out in here, my spare tire was not that tinny puny little tire, oh no, it was a regular tire that I bought as a spare, so it was as heavy as the rest of the other tires. Well, to be honest, it took me about 10 minutes to take that tire out of the trunk because it was too damn heavy. I forgot to mention I was wearing my uniform and that uniform was a beige cashmere executive suit by the way. Anyhoo, I finally took the tire out of the trunk, by then my energies were drained and I could barely breathe but I took out the damn tire, I didn’t notice until I rolled the tire over where the flat was when I discovered my beige cashmere suit was no longer beige, now it was black with tire marks all over it, well, there goes my uniform and a good expensive pay to the cleaner.

No problem, the worst is over I thought, but the nightmare was about to get juicy as I proceeded to change the tire. So I get my jack and begin pumping the little thing, over and over and over and over, scratching my hands and nails as the little thing hit the floor then I remembered I had to loose the bolts in the tire before I could lift the car, so there I went again pumping the little thing backwards, that was easier. So I get the crossed screw driver and put it in the first bolt and I twist…it was hard, so I twist some more, the screw driver is not moving but the flat tire was; it came to my head one time my had tightened the bolts in the car so much he had to jump over the screw driver to loosen the bolt, and that’s what I decided to do, so I hop in screw driver and make a small jump over it, it didn’t loose the bolt but it did loose the heel in my shoe…bad idea.

I tried, and tried, tried so hard to take that freaking bolt out of the tire until I got really tired, then I tried with the other bolts but I was so weak by then my hands were not responding.

It was frustrating and I had no other choice but to call dad to come and pick me up and help me change the flat, I mean, I was just a few blocks away. So I dialed my dad’s phone number and the line is busy, ok I said, he will hang up for sure in a few minutes, in the mean time I kept trying to loose those bolts but it was useless.

I called my dad again and the line was still busy, by then it was about 10:30 pm and I still couldn’t loose those bolts, my dad was on the internet and didn’t see it was too late and I was not home yet. A few minutes later my dad calls in, but my cell phone is running out of charge so I have to speak fast with him to tell him where I was, luckily I gave him the instructions half way but my dad found me anyway.

My dad was in shock when he saw me, with my hair all messed up, with tire marks all over my suit, my face was black and a broken shoe, he said “What happened to you? Did you get ran over by a car? I said no, I am trying to change a tire!!!

My dad helped me out and in less than 5 minutes the flat was on the truck and we were heading up home to have me washed from tire stains.

So you see ladies who are reading this post, it is very difficult for a girl to change a flat tire, those bolts are too tight and definitely I have no strength, I think I should go to the gym first and pump some iron before I can pump the jack and change a tire all by myself.

Moral of the story, women should know anything about cars, who knows, maybe something unexpected might happen, like me.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Year End Nightmare!

And the counting begins…

If some of you work in a manufacturing industry you will know the pain and the agony of the end of year inventory, I simply hate it. Yesterday afternoon I was very happy blogging around when I heard the supervisor we are not going to have production day on Friday due to inventory; my hair pulled itself up and I thought to myself, I’m in the production area, I am going to get chosen to be on the counting team, what if I just call in sick? And as predicted, I was chosen alright, but not to count parts and screw and little thingies no, no, no, I am part of the “Tag Entry” team, hurray for me! That means, all those slaves will come in early and count and count and count some more stuff and me, I’ll just put the information in the computer just as it comes in a little tag, that’s the easiest part of the job, but the worst comes when you get a hold of hundreds of tags to entry and you’re not finish, the counting team and the auditors are gone home and the tag entry people are still entering information in the system until, god knows when. That’s the scary part. Good for me, I don’t have to worry about that, I’m a fast at typing so probably I’ll get out of there soon enough or maybe I’ll end up entering the rest of the tags as the other girly morons with loooong nails are not done and the supervisors give me all their work, then all those girly snakes will leave home early and I will be stuck in here doing their job…Oh hell no!

I didn’t though about that.

Hm…what to do…what to do, should I type fast so I can finish faster, but that will mean I’ll have to help with the data entry of the un-efficient office girlies with long nails; or should I just type, regular, calmly and slowly? But then people will call me un-efficient.

I’m not Un-Efficient! I am Super-Efficient !

I am Super Yoli!

Tah dah dah daaah tah daahhh!
Happy Humpday Everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2004



If I were a character in The Return of the King, I would be Gollum, a Stoor and the ancient ring bearer who had the One Ring before Bilbo.

In the movie, I am played by Andy Serkis.

Who would you be?
The Return of the King Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

I knew I am a weird thing!

A new day…a new house…a new worry!

Now I need new furniture…

Moved out of that old crappy place last Thursday and believe me, it wasn’t pretty; if you stay too long in one place be sure you’ll be filled with lots of crap you don’t need and that’s what happened to me, I had to throw away half of the house I was living in because there was bunch of junk I forgot I ever had until I started packing and it was something like this:

“Uh, look, my old elementary school year book…man I was so fat…and ugly…ok, no time to look at it so I’ll just throw it away”

“I didn’t know I had a can opener and it was under the sink all along”

I have a meat grinder??!!!”

“Where did this big spoon come from?”

“Oh look my Winnie the pooh cup”

“My ankle holder I found it…after so many years…Uh my snow boots…and my bunny ear covers”

I found many other things, except my joint ointment and my massage oil…damn things!

We spent exactly 13 hours moving and we were poofed, and we spent all weekend putting everything in place; before I needed room to put all my stuff, now I need things to cover all the empty spaces I have in this new house, like for example, a new living room, a couple of night stands, 2 or 3 tables, one carpet, two hight chairs. So beware people, Open house coming soon.

The only thing I need to finish up and it’s more like an emergency than a need, is that carpet in my room to be washed, it’s so dirty I can actually see all the strange human dust mites walking over it, it gives me the creeps, so probably I’ll finish up with that today, hell right now, well as soon as I get off from work.
So I feel extremely tired, sleepy, achy and I’m planning this weekend should be very quiet, so quiet I am not going to get out of bed for anything, so don’t ring my bell because I’m home!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Mexican Independence Quickie!

Yes, a quickie because I have a day off tomorrow so for me is like Friday so here it goes…

The whole week was a mess, my boyfriend’s new car was stolen last Monday night…again, now we are sure is the neighbor up stairs who is bugging us so I’ll file a lawsuit against her, of course, once I move out of there…

Moving out? When? How? Why?

Reason is posted above, we had it with this insecure place, I’m moving out tomorrow…yes I know it’s too fast but it’s for the best of all of us, otherwise the neighbor up stairs is going to get us into bankruptcy with all those cars stolen!

How? I don’t know, I don’t have a car, my boyfriend has it to go to work, so I have no way to make trips with small things as I am moving away just a few blocks down the street, but don’t tell anyone, is a secret!

In other news…

We were invited as VIP guests for the our Independence day celebration last night for the “Grito de Independencia” which in English would be something like the yelling for Independence, I wanted to see the whole scene but we were late because we went to see the new apartment we are moving now and I saw millions and millions of cockroaches so I had to get bug spray and kill them all. Anyway, we only got to see the fireworks and a little bit of the war band; lots of people; lots of mess; lots of garbage and lots of human mites, it gave me the creeps, so we ran out of there as soon as the fireworks ended, which was after 15 minutes we got there.
Happy Thursday for you and Looong weekend for me!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Where did I leave my brain?

I remember I left it here somewhere…

That’s what would happen if I didn’t have my head stuck to my neck and my brain inside my freaking head. I’ve been loosing things a lot lately and it’s getting me on my nerves now.

Not too long ago I had near my night table a little bottle of massage oil and one joint ointment, last week I wanted to use it because my boyfriend was in a lot of pain from his neck to his knee and when I wanted to get those two…where are they? We searched around the house, under the bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the trash cans, in the fridge and nothing, not a trace of them. I felt worried, concerned and most of all angry because they were brand new, I just bought those and now they’re lost? One of two things must’ve happened.

#1 In the middle of the night while I was sleeping I must have slapped them with my arm and they dropped inside the little trash basket I have by my bed, or

#2 These little things grew tiny feet and ran away from home.

Last Friday I wanted to take my CD case home so I could listen to some music while I cleaned around the house. I remember very well taking the CD case with me on the way out, but I don’t remember taking them home and I completely forgot about it until this morning when I wanted to play some music. I opened my desk drawer and my CD case was gone, I was worried to a certain point because for a minute I thought someone stole it until I remembered I was carrying it with me to the car, but after that I don’t recall carrying the CD Case inside the house. I searched inside the car like crazy, and it wasn’t there. For sure they must be in the house, but where? I don’t remember seeing the CD case in the house anywhere, I would have remembered right? Even if I forgot all about it, when I see the CD case over some table I would remember, “Oh I brought my CD Case” but that wasn’t the “case”. One of two things must’ve happened.

#1 I didn’t bring it and forgot to take it from my desk and left it all alone and someone took it

#2 I took it with me on the car but on the way home the CD case grew little feet and jumped from the car committing suicide while I was driving on the road.

Last night, we were having dinner and we got thirsty, I went to the fridge to get some juice, after pouring the juice in the glass I took the bottle of juice and placed it inside the glass counter instead of putting it back inside the fridge.

I don’t know I wasn’t really paying attention.

And don’t ask me how many times have I lost my car and house keys and they were on my hand all along.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, September 10, 2004


Scale (%) results:
Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism85%
Type 2Helpfulness41%
Type 3Image Focus50%
Type 4Hypersensitivity53%
Type 5Detachment88%
Type 6Anxiety89%
Type 7Adventurousness29%
Type 8Aggressiveness70%
Type 9Calmness69%
Your main type is 6
Your variant is social
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Now these kinds of tests I like to take...I'm a 6.... yei!

It’s Friday…and it’s a quickie!

But not that kind of quickie of course…

No I haven’t been busy; I’ve been lazy, that’s why I have not posted anything all week.

It came the time to pay my rent to mother nature and I am extra grouchy today so everything that stands in front of me is a pain in the toosh.

These are the things that bugged me the most all week…

My coworker doesn’t stop complaining about how deficient is everybody but she’s the saver of the day, ‘cause she’s the goddess of all goddess.

My coworker has been whining how everybody is so “Naco” and she’s the only one in this company with class, ‘cause she’s the goddess of all goddess.

My coworker has not stopped “eating people alive” behind her back, everybody are idiots, asses, ho’s and hoochie mamma’s, except for her, ‘cause she’s the goddess of all goddess.

I’ve been shutting my mouth all this time but I am not in the mood to listen to this woman today, I’ll just tell her to shut up with her big pink purse she never stops using even when she’s wearing clothes that don’t match.

The worst thing someone can do to me is call me more than once a day…My parents have been calling me at work 2 times every 10 minutes or so and it’s driving me insane. Someone shut my phone off please!
Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Yoli Phone Home!


I must be an alien, I know, I must be some sort of mutant from outer space who was dumped in this planet. I’m not human, with no human feelings, I’m a Monster I know it and I’m ashamed.

It’s been a week now since my parents came back to stay and I’m already asking for a time out. Am I a bad daughter? Hope not. I’ve always asked for my own space, I mean my OWN space, and my own space is a big space as big as space itself, but ever since my parents are here I have been visiting them every single day after I get off from work; I barely have time for myself or my boyfriend anymore, my house is a mess, I’m most of the time sleepy and I can’t watch my favorite TV programs.

Yesterdays my parents told me they would go visit a friend today, so I thought “hurray for me I’ll have time for myself now woo hoo” I was making plans to stay at home and do some things I needed to have done and while I was at it get some rest and some me time for myself, but no, I called my parents this morning and they asked me what was I going to do after I got off from work and my response was “nothing, I still don’t know” to where the big mistake began…

Dad: Oh goodie, ‘cause I’m in the mood for ice cream

Me: Nice…

Dad: I’ll pitch you one, let’s go

Me: Aren’t you going to your friend’s today?

Dad: Yes, but that’s this morning, we’re not going to stay all day over there, so how about if we go get some ice cream at Tepoznieves huh? We can meet there or some place else.

Me: (Dought!) sure….I guess…

Dad: Or do you have anything to do? (with a really mysterious voice….it was a spooky voice)

Me: Uh…eh…nooo, of course not, uh, but it’s kind of far away don’t you think? And I have to get home to fix my laundry and some other stuff I need to get done.

Dad: Oh you’re right, and you have to work

Me: Yeah, and I don’t want to rush things and spoil the moment; we can go on Friday if you want (grins)

Dad: Ok sounds good, well, if you’re going to your home then we can meet there, hey we can keep you company while you’re doing your laundry, and after you’re done we can stop by a coffee shop and get some coffee to go and watch the sunset at the beach, wouldn’t it be fun?

Me: (Somebody shoot me!) Eh…yeah….weehee (boo hoo).

An there goes my “me time”

Who to blame? I don’t know, it’s been a year since I last saw my parents and now that they’re here….Man! This is heavy stuff.

If I ever want to say no to somebody I just can’t, well, I can very easily with people I have no relation or I simply don’t want to relate or definitely with people I simply don’t care about even if they’re my friends or close family members. But I just can’t say no to 4 people, those are my parents, my best friend and my boyfriend. The no just comes out like….

Nnnnn….nnnnoot a problem! With a big smile and imagining myself banging my head to a wall.

I just can’t help it, I’m too nice and chicken hearted to say no and look at their little faces turn sad.

Dammit I hate being so mushy sometimes!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Friday, September 03, 2004

1st. Friday Quickie of the Month!

And there will be many more...

As a tribute to my grouchiness today I am wearing my official grouch lothing...My Oscar the Grouch T-shirt.

Don't bother me, I'm in my regular grouchy mood like every other month I should because that's the only way I can reveal myself against those who are not in the same mood as I am, that is, everybody's happy except for me.

What did I just say and why? I don't know and I don't care.

For my fellow american readers (I'm starting to sound like Bush now) I wish you all a happy labour day and Viva la Vida Loca. (Now I'm starting to sound drunk and It's only noon)

Here's a little petition to our fellow neighbors who will plan to visit our beaches in this labor day weekend:

Please don't polute my country as it is already filled with trash, I know it already looks like a dumpster but please don't help us, we have enough with our own trash already.

Women, if you're going to flash your boobs out to our mexican citizens please show some good ones as I have seen some that need some lifting and is quite gross (I've heard Aloe Vera makes wonders).

Men if you're thinking of catching a good tan then do it somewhere people won't see, beer bellies don't look nice especially if they're extremely hairy (I've heard hot wax and a lipectomy makes wonders)

Please drive safely as some of us do not own cars with car insurance and if you hit us you will simply leave us with no other transportation but our own feet as many of our cars are yunked.

This petition is in the name of if not all but a few of the Mexicans who live in the border of California.

The Mexican Tourism Board invites you to visit Mexico.

All the Margaritas you can drink during happy hour 7 am to 9 am. Kids free with 2 adult admission to any of our table dance locations includes one lap dance by the fat lady in the corner. Free hair breed with the purchase of 5 family size burritos. First 100 customers will receive one rear view mirror hanging size sombrero of any color. Free horn change to "la cucaracha" beat with the purchase of 1 car alarm $100 USD or over. Offer good by 9/6/04 or while supplies last.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, September 02, 2004


I’m boiling here…

That’s it! I’m tired of everybody coming in and out as this was their freaking office.

WTF is up with people looking at what I’m doing when I’m on the computer? Is non of their damn business…Punks!

What would they think if I walked over sneaking over what they’re doing in the computer huh? They wouldn’t like it, would they?

Did I mention I have two BIG ASS windows and one puny camera looking at me funny and 3 doors on each side? It’s making me tired you know, I have no way to make my computer “invisible” for everybody!!! If it’s not the window they’re looking at, is the front door and if is not that door is the back door and if it’s not that back door is the side door. What’s up with this company and doors? There’re doors everywhere you go, there’re as many doors as employees in this place, and windows….don’t get me started!

Despite the fact that I don’t have a cubicle which means I feel so naked and it really is annoying me to the tip of the last tiny hair is growing inside my head right now I have another problem…my cell phone company.

Thank you Tricia for bringing this “beautiful” memory back to my head now.

I’ve been trying to cancel my mobile service for over a week now because they don’t have new receivers for contract renewal and my old cell phone doesn’t work anymore, besides, I deserve a new one. So this is what I get in response:

*611: Good morning Telefonica Movistar how can I help you?

Me: Yes good morning, my name is Yoli and my numbers is….

*611: Yes and what can I do for you miss?

Me: I need to know if you have new receivers for contract renewals please.

*611: Ok, can I please have your name?

Me: (I already gave it to you!!) Yoli

*611: And your phone number please.

Me: (Where you even listening while I was talking you at first?) 555-6155

*611: Ok, and what seems to be your problem?

Me: (What tha!!) I asked if you have new receivers for contract renewals

*611: (Long pause) I’m afraid not miss

Me: Do you have any idea when will you get those? I have been waiting for over 3 months now to renew my contract with you and my current receiver doesn’t work anymore.

*611: I’m sorry but we do not have that information in hand at this moment.

Me: Then I will have to cancel the service please.

*611: Sure, what is the reason why you want to cancel the service with us?

Me: (I am sure, this person is a complete idiot!) Because you don’t have new receivers and you’re giving me a bad service thank you.

*611: Ok, let me transfer you with our cancellations department so you can proceed with your cancellation.

Me: Thank you

*611: Corny elevator music begins…

Me: Still waiting and falling asleep with that corny elevator music…

10 minutes later, the line cuts.

At this point….yes Tricia…I turned green!

So I dial again, maybe they forgot about me and left me on hold…right?

Let’s pretend I called again and just copy and paste the text in the top and multiply it by 5 ok?

And what was expected I was not green but black, black as a rotten avocado yes in deed.

I just give up, I can’t take it anymore, that’s it, I’m going to have to live with this useless wireless phone for the rest of my life with this horrible service provider till the day I die. What if I just die?? Will they still charge me for that??

I’m sure they will, they will just dump the phone bill on my grave on hold for me to pay them in my next life!

In other news…

Yoli is the handy-girl in the office, yep yep, not only does she makes good reports and stuff that regular admins do but also she fixes copier maches, faxes, printers and all those little electronic gadgets.

Yoli the girl who could not afford to pay her college degree and had to stuck her life as a secretary, the girl who does not “belong” in the engineering world because she doesn’t have a degree, yes that Yoli

This afternoon while I was creating some new reports for this new month and the end of the fiscal year ,some punk ass so called “Process Engineer” with a master degree in Irrigation systems and so came to me asking me what was wrong with the printer because it didn’t print.

So there I go, getting out of my own concentration to take a look at the printer and what do you know? It didn’t have paper, that’s why it didn’t print….Well there you go Mr. Process Engineer with a master degree in irrigation systems, the printer is working now.

But that didn’t stop there; as I was getting back to my job, this punk ass so called “Process Engineer” with a master degree in irrigation systems and so called me again because the printer was making crunching noises and it wasn’t printing again, and this time it did have paper in the trays.

So there I go again, checking the printer and what is wrong and what do you know? There’s a paper jam, I didn’t discover that by myself, I’m no jinnee, it said it right there on the screen with big flashing words “PAPER JAM, check right door”.

I did everything there was inside my imagination to get that paper out of there because it was so stuck in there it was barely impossible to take out until finally it did, in the mean time that punk ass so called “Process Engineer” with a master degree in irrigation systems was looking how I was working the paper out of the freaking printer.

I don’t care what, how and who are those punk asses so called “put what ever title you want in here”, for me, if these people don’t know how to take out a jammed paper from a printer they’re just punk ass people with shhiiiiatttt in their brains, in very few words, they’re a bunch of retards useless idiot good for nothing engineers.

And yes I’m boiling green over here!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004



I’ve been without work for almost a week now because of problem in one of the sprinklers we build here and it is starting to tickle my frisky nerve now. Good thing I’m getting paid to do nothing so I am happy for that.

On the other hand, it takes me such a big effort to get out of bed lately, that I wished I called in sick. This morning I had to take my parents to the phone company to install a new line for them and I got out of work at 11, I was so happy I didn’t want to come back. I’m going to sound cruel but it wasn’t because I was with my dad all that time but because I was out of this desk and pc for 3 full hours.

I can see right through my window where two little tiny cameras are looking at me funny and I can see today the production lines are running. Fun part of this is when I hear the water pump spraying water over the operators I immediately show my head on the window to see who got lucky (that’s my entertainment at this moment ‘cause there’s really nothing to do here).

So if it wasn’t for the water tests I would be banging my head on the keyboard by now, this heavy lunch I had earlier is not making it any easier for me to keep my eyes wide open.

Sorry Tricia, there’s nothing at this moment that could make me green. But I can eat lots of avocados, green peppers, jalapenos and cilantro, maybe that will help a bit. Although it will not turn me green but it will turn other things green….Now that…was disgusting.

So while I get back to work tomorrow I’ll keep up with my regular routine of looking at the window and catching others taking out their undies from their toosh, or people walking funny because they’re holding it until they get to the restroom and so (I’m sorry, the restrooms are right in the corner of my window and it’s a big window, I just can’t help take a peep).

Oh look…a fly! And it’s a big one…where did that came from?
Happy Wednesday Everyone!