Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Women are from Venus Men are from Mars!


I remember when this book was first released and it became a best seller and sold like hot bread on Sunday mornings (like in my country he he) I didn’t quite understand what the writer was talking about at the moment, actually I never read the book and I am not intending do to so as I think I will frankly not understand it anyway.

Anyhoo! I thought about this “phrase” while I was in the bathroom and I found that really we are not different what so ever. The thing is very easy to understand if you get to observe your significant other and how he/she reacts from your actions.

Been thinking a lot lately (wow, really?) so don’t bother thinking that Mexico had a fire or something, it was just me pondering out on things, I think I overheated my brain cells with too much of it thought but I came up with this conclusion.

How men are when women are:

1. Pushy, annoying, frisky, squeaky, too girly, too giggly, and all that crap that comes along with it.

2. Independent, auto sufficient, respectful about him, un attached to the phone, to any girly thing and all that crap that comes along with it.

3. A pleaser in all the aspects not only sexually.

In (1) Men always complain about how a woman acts silly, how they get so scared about any little ugly thing, how the girlfriend, wife, mistress calls them at the cell phone or work or anywhere they might be to check on them and they get so pissed off at it (yes ladies it’s true) but they like it although they will always try to deny it…Men love attention, even though they always wished they had a woman who wasn’t so attached to them (uhuh).

In (2) Men don’t complain about it, hey, they have the perfect woman beside them, women don’t need men for help, women don’t need men for nothing, that’s what men think, they’re just there so they just get un attached like those women in (2).

In (3) Men completely forgets that he also should please his woman in all the aspects, so they just take care that his woman is there for when he needs them.

Men don’t like (1) and (2), women don’t like men to be like (1) and (2) it’s boring; but both love (3) of course only for themselves not for the other Ha! And that is very sad. That’s how my relationship is with my current BF I’m a girl like (3) because I always heard from my male friends that girls like (1) are so annoying to get pissed off at and (2) were so independent that men felt left aside and useless. I never wanted to piss off my man with my girly things or make him feel like he is good for nothing. I was wrong to a certain point.

Men and women are from the same place, we all need the same things, although we try to deny it all the time.

My best friend has told me tons of times “You have to have a leach attached to your man so you don’t let him go, they’re here for when you whistle or snap one finger they come running at you”. I never thought that was a good thing to say about a man, I mean that sounded just like my neighbors dog with the difference that I can have sex with him. Ha!

Well, as everything has been crappy lately between boyfriend and I because I’ve been acting so (3) and was not working, I have changed my ways of treatment towards my man, now I am acting (1), and guess what??? Things are really working, wow, my boyfriend pays more attention to me now, he calls me every day to check on me and how I’m doing, he even says he misses me and now he begs me to do things for him and he says he will do anything for me.

That is a big improvement. But here’s the thing, I don’t even move one finger to comfort him, I do make his lunch but I don’t put it in his lunch box any more. Hell no! Now if he wants something he should get it by himself, if he needs me to do something for him I simply don’t do it and if I need something I just tell him I need it.

Yup, the tortilla has turned and it has turned ugly, mean, girly, obnoxious; men know this is the only way things work and woman do the same.

So to finish this post I want to ask all of you readers. Is it really true that woman are from Venus and men are from Mars?

I sure think not, we understand each other very well. Right?


Tricia said...

You have turned the tortilla... very difficult to do in mid ... uh.. tortilla ... making?

I think it depends on if you are watching TV.
My man is from the planet ESPN... I am not!

He can't even hear me talking when he's watching sports.
I can hear him talking to me from down the street and around the corner when I'm driving home.

Men are different I think.

Wendy said...

Can you be #1 and #2 at the same time? I wonder if that's the answer.

Avuncular 1 said...

Hello Yoli. I think there are differences, and also things that are very much the same but men and women don't like to admit it. I don't believe in the whole 'Venus' and 'Mars' thing. It sounds too much like a gimmick.

Yoli said...

TV is a completely different issue. We all fight over the remote. But yes, women listen more than men, I will not discuss that :)

That would put us in a big dileman unless we switched one day we are (1) and the next one we turn into (2). That would be messy haha

The Dastard,
Yes, we are in the same channel :)

boo said...

men and women... like to think they are different... but we are all human... ok some of us are... good post... crazy as always... which is what i love about ya!... and also i notice... getting a bit more regular in your postings!... v good... and also v good... for letting your boyf... get on and do everything for himself...

Yoli said...

Aw thank you boo :) Aw you're so sweet. Alright I'm being mooshy now.
But aw you're sweet :)
And yes, he deserves the misstreatment, he hasn't treated me right lately. booh him!