Tuesday, August 03, 2004

What a week!

After a hard week of work…

I won, yes I won, but it’s not a car, or a house or a trip to the tropical islands, no, I won a big fat heart burn, I never knew what a heart burn was until yesterday afternoon. I think it was to be expected one of these days, I mean I am always on the run for everything, especially the past week.

After the 1001 things I had pending I could only finish up 2 or 3 so I still have 900 and something things pending to go, but I won’t bother worrying, I’ve had enough for one week.

So I suppose these are the few things that probably created a heart burn for me:

My parents are coming over in 3 weeks and the apartment that I rented for them was supposed to be ready by last week but the building Admin. Didn’t pay much attention to my requests (I know now) ‘cause the carpets are not yet replaced, the kitchen wall is still with the cement on full glow and the closet is completely destroyed. But they have a new boiler.

My car was making weird noises every time I made a turn, if it was to the left the car would make noises on the right side, if I turned the car to the right, it would make noises on the left side. I took it to the mechanic and had to change the whole front suspension because both shafts were broken. Besides that, I had to wait over 2 hours after the time they told me the car would be ready so I had to stay in the reception area talking to an old lady who was whispering every word; how can she think I can listen with all that noise going around that shop? I was hoping she didn’t ask me anything because then I would be in trouble, why? Cause the old lady was the owner of the mechanic shop.

The fixture was way too expensive it almost gave me a heart attack right there when they told me how much I had to pay.

I had plans to go shopping for my parents new apartment on Sunday so I asked my BF if he would be back earlier and he said he would be back around 1 or 2 pm but he would call me first. Well it was 9 pm and he had not called in yet and there went my Sunday.

It was almost midnight on Sunday and I heard a dog barking, it was a pit bull then I heard a very loud scream, it was coming from that old hobo dog that has been sleeping in front of my apartment door every since the neighbor fed it. The Pitt Bull dog almost killed it, I was in shock and I couldn’t sleep last night.

My heart burn is not completely gone but at least I can walk straight, so I guess I’m doing better.

Damn what a week!
And this week doesn’t look any prettier.


Vadergrrrl said...

So sorry to hear about heartburn. OWWEEE!

Sucks getting old doesnt it?



Wendy said...

And does Yoli EVER get a vacation?!?!
(((hugs)))) Hope it gets better. Luv ya!!!

Yoli said...

I'm only 25 but I feel like 50. It soooo sucks getting old!

Momlady (wink wink),
I'm going to cry now, I need a vacation but if I keep switching jobs like I have for this year I'll never get to have decent vacations....I need some time off *puff*

boo said...

Yoli... yikes.... big hugs... and lots of slaps... to all manner of idiots... that you have to put up with!... i think a holiday is what you need!...

Yoli said...

Independence day is coming....in the next 4 weeks... I think I can hold it that long...I know I can...I must!

Sloth said...

Poor Yoli and her heartburn! I know how you feel, I eat Zantac like skittles. Wah.

Jenn said...

You are to funny. I hope this week is much better.

Crayon said...

amazing! I just had the same thing happen to me - my car got put in for a service, and they told me i needed to pay 700 australian dollars for a new clutch!
HARRRRR, there is no way. Im just going to drive it til it fails, then dump it. It cant be worth more than a coupla hundred dollars anyway.

Sad about the dog, that can be so shocking can't it - seeing an animal get hurt or attacked, especially by another animal.

I wouldnt have been able to sleep after that.

So, so eerie.

have a great week any way Yoli, dont dwell on it.

Ciao for now.

- Crayon