Monday, August 09, 2004


I really don’t know how to call this but I thought really stupid people only existed on TV, until yesterday…


I went with my boyfriend to the LA airport to take one of his sisters back to her country, as expected we took around 3 hours to have her checked in.

3 hours? Yes 3 hours. She was carrying over 300 Lbs. of luggage so she had to fix that “little” problem.


My boyfriend asks me if I could help him find his brother in law. ???… He was supposed to be back from his country to LA that same day but he only had the flight number and the approximate time he left his country.

Ok, no problem I said, which airline is he coming from? To which my boyfriend and his other sister replied, “Oh we don’t know, we only know he’s coming today, he left from there at 5 am or 5:30 something like that…”

Ok, then what’s the time he’s supposed to be here? I asked, “Oh we don’t know, the flight time is approximately 16 to 18 hours” So counting with my fingers I though, well maybe he’s already here. Was he making any stops? I asked. “Yes he made a stop in NY and after that he’s coming to LA”

Knowing now that was a hint more to our favor until I asked them, Was he switching planes at that stop. To which they replied, “Oh we don’t know, maybe he just waited a couple of hours there and then the plane left” So was what should we do? Wait at the International arrivals or at the National arrivals?

By now I was green as green as HULK, for what I told my boyfriend. How someone be so stupid to not give the exact information? I mean, is more than obvious.

Only one thing was left to do and I was not going to be the one doing it. Ask airline by airline National and International if there was an Arab guy coming in an airplane that left 5 ish or so with an 11 hour difference or we don’t know. Which would take one person about 2 hours in that huge messy airport.
If you know the LA international airport, you will know what I’m talking about.

Of course nobody wanted to do it so we just all went back home…to wait, but before that we went around the Coronado bridge and drink slurpies...

So if you hear or see in the news there’s one Arab old man missing and crying for his family at the LA airport, please let me know, I opened a special phone line for him 01-800-HESO-DUH

Now that is what I call a very, very, very stupid family.

Happy Monday every one!


ilumpo said...

Don't underestimate the power of stupidity!!!

ilumpo said...

ah! your SIS Noemi is jiji**

Wendy said...

01-800-HESO-DUH...that's SO funny!! I've got to remember that one.

toron said...

Are you sure you want to be associated with a stupid family? Think of your future kids. You'd have stupid children if you marry your boyfriend.

boo said...

Agggghhh.... stupid people.... are the bain of my life.... thank god you put your foot down... if they can't make the effort... why the hell should u?...

Tricia said...

You are so funny when you get mad!

You make me laugh... I am not laughing at you though.
You sound like a little kid, bet you were ready to throw yourself on the ground and kick and scream.

Yoli said...

You're so right woman! And next time just give me one blog to read, you confuse me :P

Yup, I'm keeping that line for those who will need it some day. I bet every family has one member like this one. hehe

The only thing I'm sure of is if I marry this guy I will not have children with him. These genes are dangerous.

I am happy to make people laugh. Actually some of my friends have told me the same thing you said.
I was not ready to throw myself on the floor and cry but I was ready to send all of them in one plane in search for his missing member. That would have made the pain go away. LOL

ilumpo said...


my personal blog is
and the anime film club is

that's it...

hope to see you sooner than later** ;)