Thursday, August 12, 2004

There is a God!

There really can be miracles...

I asked my boyfriend two days ago if the brother in law appeared finally and he said yes but it took him a while to get to the house without letting anyone know he was coming back that day so this is what happened.

The old man got off the airplane and searched around for his family, knowing that he was all left alone in the airport he decided to go alone to find his family so he did the fastest thing he could find. He got a cab and told him "Take me to San Diego, where my family is". So the taxi driver took him.

Two hours and the taxi-meter working, up they went to find his house which he never saw before since he last saw his wife and kids 3 m onths ago. The taxi driver asks for directions and the old man replied " I don't know, but you should look for this place, this big building with lots and lots of doors, it looks like a hotel and it's located somewhere around a bunch of cars".

So the taxi driver took him all around the San Diego area, up, down, left, right, north, south, west, and east, took them about another 2 hours to find the house till he finally go there.

"How much should I pay?" the old man asked. "It's a few hundred dollars" the taxi driver said for what the old man almost died of a heart attack.

But I only have one dollar and a few cents, do you take "Pesos"? the old man asked. The taxi driver looked at him funny and said, "what about that big golden chain you have on your chest?"

The old man had nothing else to do but to hand over the chain.

But the happy ending is that he got home, his wife was cooking dinner, his children were watching TV, they saw him and his wife began shouting at him for being irresponsible enough to not even call when he got there. HEHE

This story is fictitious but it might not be so far from reality.


Tricia said...

This is fictitious?
You little brat!
You had me going the whole time!!!

I thought that his wife was going to kill him for giving away the chain!

You are a strange little egg Yol:)

Tricia said...

Oooops... I forgot.
I'm first
Yaaaaay for me!
Whooooo Hoooooo!

Wendy said...

Good one Yoli. :)

Yoli said...

LOL Tricia, I think that little treatment you're taking is making you hipper! But I like it that way hehe. You see I'm a good story teller from time to time, I just ned to be in the mood.

And yes, I'm a strange little Egg Yol!

Thank yuooouuuuu :)

boo said...

ah u is crafty..... and i like it!... more more more....

Pup said...

You're fantastic! These posts are so funny.

Yes, I've finally posted a comment..

I deserve a beatdown I know..

I'll be back...

Monkey said...

I like it!!!

Tricia said...

I will beatdown Pup for you... it's ok I hit him ALL the time... he likes it! ;)

Pup said...

It's true. It's true. :)

Yoli said...

Oh you two are sadomasoquists!!
Just don´t spill too much blood in my blog please. I just cleaned up in here. :)