Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tah dah!


I’m not going to talk about the moving subject because to a point it pissed me off. Ah! Alright, but just a little bit…hehe…

Ok, so I’m done, everything’s done, fridge is done, furniture in place, bed in place, bathroom squeaky clean, carpet changed, stove half way done, why? Well we bought the connecting hose thingy but I’m missing the little thing that connects the hose thingy to the stove, so I can’t use the stove, so I went to the hardware shop yesterday to buy one tiny little connector and oh! It was closed, (not a surprise). So I dialed my boyfriend’s cell phone and it’s off, OFF!


Why do people who own a cell phone don’t have it turned on? Why? Isn’t the cell phone supposed to be for emergencies?

I was on an emergency here!

Anyhoo, my boyfriend showed up at ….what ever hour it might’ve been, I don’t remember and I don’t care anymore and I could not get the damn connector thingy.

So there! That’s why I’m pissed.

Now, changing the subject…

About a month about I developed what it’s called a “Dry eye” in my left eye, how did I knew that? So simple, I felt a big piece of lash stuck inside my eye and it was itching me, burning me and really I felt like my eye needed some moisture (this is because of too much time standing in front of the PC), and as cute as Yoli can be, she never took care of that eye; no biggie, I mean, just blink 10 times per second and the problem is not solved but at least you feel your eye is getting wet.

After that long time, the left eye is better, I didn’t do anything to it, it simply disappeared but, it moved to the other eye, so now I’m feeling that big lash stuck in my right eye, it hurts, it burns and it itches not to mention I’m blinking more than 10 times per second, everybody now thinks I have some sort of epileptic problem.

No, it’s just me, and my two “dry eyes”

But I’m not getting any medicine for it, hell no!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Anonymous said...

an emergency for you, might not mean an emergency for him.

that's why I leave my phone off

Michael said...

You can make a man carry a cellph, but you can't make him use it. (Mike says, folding arms and turning off cell... or turning off cell FIRST, then folding arms)

Prestbury said...

Maybe it's the same eyelash that's gone from one eye to the other? Do you have a little connector thingy between your eyes?

boo said...

you funny girl.... get yourself... to the doctors... or at the very least.... get some eye drops!....

Wendy said...

Moving sucks. Connector thingys suck. Cell phones suck. Boyfriends never suck the way you want them too...and that sucks.
Sorry about your eye, Yoli. People may be thinking you're always winking. ;)

Yoli said...

You're so right, so, so, right I hate it.

First get your things together then we'll talk ok?

If I had a connector thingy inside my eyes I would have used them to plug my stove by now :)

Eye drops are so anoying...I don't like drop thingies, and I hate doctors. doctors are so anoying.

LOL It would be so sexy if I made a cute face but I always wrinkle my face when I'm blinking with this problem. :)

Tricia said...

I put up an anti virus link specially for you, one eye!

Quit rubbing it!

At least that's what my mom says!

Tricia said...

Are you ANY better yet?
Poor kid!

Yoli said...

Thanks Tricia,
I'm alot better now. :)