Monday, August 30, 2004


Everyone except you…

Today I’m feeling crappy, really crappy. Maybe because I haven’t had a good rest, I don’t care anyway I’m too crappy to care.

My parents came back on Friday night, the airline changed their flight to midnight without previous notice and my dad freaked out, luckily he found another flight earlier that day so they came 2 hours later. No biggie, everything was great; my parents are here finally and I hope I enjoy them for a very long time.

Ever since I was a little girl I always sensed among the elderly a very peculiar smell, an “old smell” I’m used to call; my grandparents used to smell that way, it was an unpleasant smell for me and all the old people I knew in my life smelled the same way.

On Friday, I saw my parents for the first time after a year coming out of the arrival room in the airport, my mom looked so sweet and my dad so cute but I could not believe the change in them both; I realized then, they became old; when I hugged both of my parents I could sense that “old smell” and I confirmed my thoughts.

Yup They’re old alright!

Is it a psychological thing? I think so, I saw pictures of my brother at this age, and he looks so different from the last time I saw him, my nephews, my cousins, everybody looked different.

After we dropped my parents at their new apartment and my b/f and I headed home I opened the vanity mirror in the car to check on my lipstick and to my surprise, I looked different too, it wasn’t the same Yoli I saw this morning in the bathroom mirror. I looked older, without wrinkles, but older.

And so I realized that time flew so fast, and began making the count of the years; wow, things really have changed, to a point that right now I’m looking at the girl I have lunch with every day and she talks to me about some crap I really don’t care about and makes me sad, nervous and hell she annoys me a lot, which makes me think…boy have I changed during the weekend.

People, I am happy to announce I have bags under my eyes and a bunch of gray hair although I’m only 25. Am I screwed up? No I’m not, it’s the bunch of things I have been going through and the experience I’ve received that made me ripe a little bit earlier than I should have. I don’t mind if people come to me with an “excuse me Ma’am”. Or, Mrs., or people thinking I’m 32.

Just makes me think, if I look 32 right now, how will I look when I get 32, will I look like 40? What if I get to be 40, will I look like 50?

Well there we go, now I know why I feel crappy.

So right now if any of the people around me try to ask me to do things I don’t want to do, do you know what will they get from me?

SCRAM, you punk!

Get your own damn scissors; no I don’t want to hear you talking about your stupid business and how bad you’re doing with it because you avoided customs; that’s what happens to you for being such an A.H. with the rest of the people when you’re talking on their back, you back stabbing bitch!

I’m taking my lunch to my car and eat alone, there’re a bunch of snakes in this place.
Happy Monday Everyone!


boo said...

ah.... ageing.... a strange and wonderful thing... makes you mad and crazy... and happier and happier.... strange indeed!...

Vadergrrrl said...

Im sure you look beautiful. 33 aint bad lookin either. lol.

That is what concealer (sp) is for.

Love your post today. Grrrrr! Scram... beat it!


Tricia said...

I can't believe you didn't turn green in any of that post.

I know old smell.
It is not just your imagination.
I think it comes from wearing dentures(false teeth).

My girlfriend got a full set of false teeth when she was only 30 and had that smell too.

Nobody is EVER taking my teeth away!

Prestbury said...

Mothballs. The old smell is sometimes mothballs. And hopefully you'll look younger as you get older.

Sloth said...

You don't look old, you just think you do today. I have gray hair too but I still get carded all the time.

Yoli said...

If that's how I am right now, I don't want to know how I will be when I have my menopause.

You're so sweet!!
Concealer makes my face look brownish though...


You woman you, you love to see me green huh?
I turned green alright, but that was a story I forgot to add in the post.
Thank you for telling me that thing about the false teeth, I wanted to take away all my original denture and replace them for brand new ones as the ones I originally have are all screwed up. But if I'm going to smell old, I better keep my own teeth until they fall by themselves. :)

LOL, I forgot about the mothballs, you're so right, but no, old people don't smell like moth balls, they smell like they were inside a closet for too long...humidity might be the word.

Yoli said...

Thank god for Miss Clairol :)
Otherwise I would've look alot older hehe

Wendy said...

I know exactly what you mean...the first time I saw my parents after not seeing them for a year, they looked so old it scared me. But I'm glad you have yours there by you now. So dye your hair, get some sleep and keep telling those jerks at work to scram and you'll be ok. :)

Tricia said...

Yoli, please turn green... I love you green!
You're the cutest little green thing I ever saw!

Yoli said...

You're great!
I feel so good when I scram at people...woah what a relief!

What do you know, people in webland always confuse me with a little green furry thing...I think I always cause that impression huh?