Friday, August 27, 2004

I don't want to say it's a Friday Quickie!

Dought! I already did...

Haven't blogged much as you've noticed, been so busy at work, making little drawings and stuff. Good thing I'm taking today half a day off (hurray for me!) 'cause my parents are coming tonight, he he.

Also haven't been able to sleep really good since two nights back, it's not because there was dog half killing another dog, it hasn't been because the neighbors dog goes out pooping in the midle of the night, it hasn't been because the neighbor had a party upstairs and she's wearing high heels in her own home party, no, actually nights have been quiet lately until wednesday night we heard a cat meowing exactly at our window.

I thought, well, maybe there's this lady cat that's having babies and she's in labor, poor kitty. The meowing continued throughout the night, all night, I mean the whole, entire, 7 hour of night and a little bit of daylight early in the morning, then the meowing stopped. Ok, no pitty, it's only for this night, maybe the lady cat had her baby cats already, I might even check on that later on the day.

I was so wrong.

Last night, the same concerto happened, it was not a regulat "meeeoooowwwww" singing to the moon on mating season, no, it was more like a "meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowMEEEOOOWWW!!!!!meowmeowmeow" from 11 to 6 am, exactly like a ticking clock. I thought, this is not a lady cat having baby cats, this is something else and I gotta go check it out.

So I went out with my PJ's outside to see what was out there making that continuous meowing and it took me directly to my boyfriend's car. Odd! Exactly inside where the engine is. Odd-er!

I stayed there talking the cat out of there for around 10 minutes and the cat didn't want to get out, I had no other choice but to turn on the car, with the cat inside. I thought, if this doesn't get the cat out of there at least it's going to shut it up but chopping it in tiny little pieces. And it did, as soon as I turned the ignition key a tiny bitty piece of yellow furr ran out from under the tires out meowing all the way to the end of the block, still I could hear the freaky piece of furr meowing, and it never stopped doing it.

So actually it didn't work, 10 minutes later the cat came back meowing under my bf's car and it remained that way until a piece of light showed up in the sky, then the kitty suddenly stopped the meowing.

I think this cat is afraid of the dark or something, I should buy it a night light, and a teddy, that will keep it quiet and will let us sleep...Hopefully.

Happy Friday Everyone!.


Sloth said...

What is with the animals in your neighborhood???

Dwarf dwarf dwarf dwarf!!!!


Monkey said...

Wow Yoli! I was scared when you turned on the car - thought you were gonna waste that cat!

That IS a weird situation!

boo said...

hey... cat's are strange strange creatures... i thought the cat... was gonna be toast... when you turned on the engine.... hope he finds another car... to talk to!...