Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday Super Duper Mega Quickie!


And it's not because I'm busy (actually I have nothing to do today); it's because my brain is so drained and empty right now I can actually hear my own dust mites talking to each other.

It's kind of fun....wee!

So while I stop this insanity (I hope it doesn't take too long) I'll put myself on "Stand by"mode....for today only, and the rest of the weekend too, don't get so excited.

I think these little creatures are trying to do something against me like give me a cold or a rash...nah!

Happy Weekend everyone!


boo said...

Have a great one!... sleep and dream.... and maybe the rest of your brain will come back?... yes/no?.... lol... x

Wendy said...

Yoli gets a break...YAYYY!!!!!! =D

Sloth said...

Have a supertastic weekend Yoli! Don't let the dust mites "bug" you! Oh, that was awful.

Tricia said...

I can hear your dust mites talking to each other too!

Thank you for the quickie... I wanted one all day!!!

You're funny YoYo!
Big hug

Tricia said...

Oh, did I ever tell you?
Your profile is funny... I clean me too!!

Me said...

Still crazy then Yoli?

Good Good.

I get those empty moments.... all the time.

It takes real concentration to write anything these days. :-(

Monkey said...

You take a weekend off my friend and enjoy!!

ilumpo said...

Put yourself on 'Screensaver' :)

miss ya girlie!

Yoli said...

Boo, Momlady, Sloth, Monkey.
Thank you so much for your nice wishes :)

Augh! Mental image...Undo! Undo! undo!

Good to hear from you again :)

Miss ya too girly! :)

Avuncular 1 said...


Where are you?