Friday, August 20, 2004

Friday Quickie!

Friday Quickie’s are always quick…

Alright, I got the keys to the apartment now, I moved all the heavy stuff away from my joint (except for one heavy box I forgot to include, dought!) and now I’m ready to rock and roll.

I had another discussion with my boyfriend last night over why he has pictures of everybody in his camera phone except my picture….I should be the first one there; this has become regular lately and I must admit is because of the stress both are going through, him because he is drowned with a huge credit card debt after his car was stolen and me because I had to lend money to my boyfriend to get his new car and now I have no money to buy things for my parents when they get here, and of course the one who starts the whole thing is “moi” (that’s me) so all the crap should be blamed on me, of course with my boyfriend’s fault, I mean he’s the one pushing me to be mean and ugly with him.

Anyhoo, I’m off to a very exhausting weekend of painting, cleaning (yuck) adjusting, moving and all that crap that comes along with moving to a new place (and it’s not me who’s moving) and I only have 4 days left of 2 hours each after work, which means, we will have sandwiches for lunch everyday starting Monday and my house will remain dirty so my dust mites can have a feast with my dead skin cells (hurray for them creatures, hope they don’t get indigestion).

So I have to get back to work on my “moving” schedule as I have nothing else to do today. Agh! I wished I left my work right now so I can start doing some things over there.

Can I go home now?

Happy Friday everyone!


Sloth said...

Good luck with the move, little Yoli! Ick! Dust mites!

Prestbury said...

It all seems quite hectic and breathless. I hope everything calms down soon! Dead skin cells would make a good name for a rock band I reckon!
Best wishes.

Yoli said...

Thanks, we're almost finished!! hurray! But the dust mites at home are still there, I saw one!!

You're back! Welcome back, and that rock band name is soooo yucky but indeed, Dead dust mites do sound like a rock band..LOL

Me said...

I wouldn't get over excited about the picture on the phone thing. He gets to see you all the time and I am sure he loves it.

Dust mites are real bastards. I have asthma so they really do not help! Plus is you look at them under a microscope they are not the most attractive of beasties! Hope the move and stuff it going well. Its always such a big deal. Unpacking is the worst. Especially when I moved house. It was three years ago and I still have unpacked boxes, don't have enough furniture to put it all in!

Take care