Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Excuse Me!

Some people simply don’t understand…

Tuesday August 17 I received the keys to my apartment, (thank heaven) I was already thinking I was going to have my parents at home by the time the apartment would be ready because the fixtures seemed endless.

I told the building manager the apartment should be ready by August 1st. (That was in April) and the guy said “sure no problem, you’ll have it ready by that time”. And with that thought I left the guy alone until 2 weeks before the according date; and as expected like any other “irresponsible” Mexican he told me the apartment was not ready yet; well of course is not ready we are still 2 weeks to go, but how’s the apartment doing so far? And I got the same response the guy told me at first, so there were no advances….yet but he would be working on it….soon. How soon? I don’t know.

We had to re arrange a date to have the apartment keys and we set it for August 16, and for my “surprise” the apartment was ready of course, everything was clean and changed and beautiful but, the door has no locks! How am I suppose to get all my parent’s stuff inside if there are no locks in the door, and when I said it didn’t have locks it means there were two big holes where the locks suppose to be at.

By then….I was green!

So the lady in representation of the building manager said she had the keys of the door that had no locks (I don’t need no keys…there are no locks in my door!) and she can’t give them to me because the apartment is “Not” ready “yet”

By then…I was greener!

We go inside the apartment and I find everything is done, just the locks are missing, so I ask when am I getting the new locks for the house and she said she would fix it the next day (Of course I didn’t believe that). So I called a locksmith and set an appointment to get new locks for my door (much easier); but when I went there to tell the woman I would bring someone to have the locks changed the locks in my door are already changed; well, ok, they saved me some work and money but, what about the key to the building door? “I can’t give it to you” said the woman, this is my only key and I can’t give it to you” (that’s understandable, I would’ve said the same thing, with the difference that I have to move in there like now because the rent is already running and there’s no way in heaven I can get inside the apartment without the freaking key!)

I was….way….way….getting black!

Me: Can I borrow your key then so I can make a copy of it right now?

Woman: Hm! Let me see…

(clock’s ticking)

Me: Well?

Woman: When are your parents moving in?

Me: Next week, but I need to move the furniture this Friday

Woman: Can you come by tomorrow morning? (I thought, great, she’s going to make a copy for me…weeh) My daughter is going to be here so you can come and make a copy of the key in the morning (Agh!)

Me: Can’t I make a copy of the key right now?… Please?

Woman: Well, but this is the only key I have, so you better take care of it very good otherwise there will be no way I can get in again
Me: Don’t worry ma’am I won’t (like I really care!) I’ll bring it back to you in less than 15 minutes. (grins)

Woman: Well. Alright!

So I take the stupid key and keep it like the most loved treasure there was on earth asking god not to loose that damn key and go to the locksmith which is located at the very end of the town (there are only 2 o 3 locksmiths in the town where I live) and I had to hurry because they closed early, but that locksmith is closed. So I get back to my car with only 5 minutes left to search for another locksmith that would be open by miracle because it was almost 7 pm, but good thing I found a locksmith very at the bottom where nobody could see it, I just saw a small yellow sign that said “keys” and there I went.


I take the keys back to its owner and….that’s about it.
I’m not happy though, they made me loose 3 days already for this…Can I have my money back?

The End….

What were you expecting, a fascinating ending with a taste of action? I turned black didn’t I?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Tricia said...

I want you to sit down... take a deep breath!
You are still GREEN!

Time for you to post a beatdown.

Jenn said...

Yoli girl your to funny. It is a whole new day, and I hope it is a better one for you.

Jamie said...

K, it's Thursday now, so I hope you have faded to a color that is more flattering than green. And, I hate landlords. They will always suck!

Sloth said...

Oh poor Yoli!!!

I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you. If you're laughing, that is. Which you may not be. You SHOULD get a refund!!

Vadergrrrl said...

Sigh... red tape and moving... RRRRRR
I feel for you. Been there.

Green is a great color by the way.

Luv ya grrrl!

Yoli said...

Nah, I'm poofed now so maybe later heh!

Thanks for your sweet wishes :)

I looke kinda brownish now so I think is not so bad huh?

What else can I do besides laugh at myself? Otherwise I would be in an anger management therapy. So we are all laughin together. That's what is all about :)

Red tape?? don't get that one :S