Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Another one!

This one cracked me up....

My best friend called me at home last night to catch up on our stuff from the weekend and she told me the funniest story.

As she was crossing the border back to TJ she saw two police officers talking to each other and one girl approaching them, so then girl asks them:

Girl: Excuse me, where's the way to Mexico?

Officers: (both pointing over the Tijuana border bridge a few steps away)

Girl: But I just came that way!

If you didn't get it....read it again....

This girl took over the prize for my boyfriends brother in law "Stupidest person I've ever known"


Jay said...

i don't get it. gimme some more nouns and adjectives and shit. i'm feeling blonde.

Vadergrrrl said...

Over your brother in law even.... yikes!

big smooches to you!


Anonymous said...

I am bad with directions and, aside from that, frequently make mistakes. That's why I try to stay away from judgemental rhetoric.

ilumpo said...

hahahahahahahahahaha! the girl just crossed the walking bridge from Mexico to the USA, and then she asked the USA border agents! poor girl! wonder what happened next...

BTW - found this site for your cats:


Tricia said...

That's funny!
Did they send her back?

Jay better quit making blond comments!
He's the only one who didn't get it!

Avuncular 1 said...

I got it!! Wait, nope, lost it.

Yoli said...

Are you related that this girl?

Thanks for the website

I don't know, that's the same question I asked my best friend.

Yoli said...


Wendy said...

Yoli, my teenager would say, "That is sad and wrong."

I think it's frickin' hilarious, damn you're funny!