Monday, August 30, 2004


Everyone except you…

Today I’m feeling crappy, really crappy. Maybe because I haven’t had a good rest, I don’t care anyway I’m too crappy to care.

My parents came back on Friday night, the airline changed their flight to midnight without previous notice and my dad freaked out, luckily he found another flight earlier that day so they came 2 hours later. No biggie, everything was great; my parents are here finally and I hope I enjoy them for a very long time.

Ever since I was a little girl I always sensed among the elderly a very peculiar smell, an “old smell” I’m used to call; my grandparents used to smell that way, it was an unpleasant smell for me and all the old people I knew in my life smelled the same way.

On Friday, I saw my parents for the first time after a year coming out of the arrival room in the airport, my mom looked so sweet and my dad so cute but I could not believe the change in them both; I realized then, they became old; when I hugged both of my parents I could sense that “old smell” and I confirmed my thoughts.

Yup They’re old alright!

Is it a psychological thing? I think so, I saw pictures of my brother at this age, and he looks so different from the last time I saw him, my nephews, my cousins, everybody looked different.

After we dropped my parents at their new apartment and my b/f and I headed home I opened the vanity mirror in the car to check on my lipstick and to my surprise, I looked different too, it wasn’t the same Yoli I saw this morning in the bathroom mirror. I looked older, without wrinkles, but older.

And so I realized that time flew so fast, and began making the count of the years; wow, things really have changed, to a point that right now I’m looking at the girl I have lunch with every day and she talks to me about some crap I really don’t care about and makes me sad, nervous and hell she annoys me a lot, which makes me think…boy have I changed during the weekend.

People, I am happy to announce I have bags under my eyes and a bunch of gray hair although I’m only 25. Am I screwed up? No I’m not, it’s the bunch of things I have been going through and the experience I’ve received that made me ripe a little bit earlier than I should have. I don’t mind if people come to me with an “excuse me Ma’am”. Or, Mrs., or people thinking I’m 32.

Just makes me think, if I look 32 right now, how will I look when I get 32, will I look like 40? What if I get to be 40, will I look like 50?

Well there we go, now I know why I feel crappy.

So right now if any of the people around me try to ask me to do things I don’t want to do, do you know what will they get from me?

SCRAM, you punk!

Get your own damn scissors; no I don’t want to hear you talking about your stupid business and how bad you’re doing with it because you avoided customs; that’s what happens to you for being such an A.H. with the rest of the people when you’re talking on their back, you back stabbing bitch!

I’m taking my lunch to my car and eat alone, there’re a bunch of snakes in this place.
Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, August 27, 2004

I don't want to say it's a Friday Quickie!

Dought! I already did...

Haven't blogged much as you've noticed, been so busy at work, making little drawings and stuff. Good thing I'm taking today half a day off (hurray for me!) 'cause my parents are coming tonight, he he.

Also haven't been able to sleep really good since two nights back, it's not because there was dog half killing another dog, it hasn't been because the neighbors dog goes out pooping in the midle of the night, it hasn't been because the neighbor had a party upstairs and she's wearing high heels in her own home party, no, actually nights have been quiet lately until wednesday night we heard a cat meowing exactly at our window.

I thought, well, maybe there's this lady cat that's having babies and she's in labor, poor kitty. The meowing continued throughout the night, all night, I mean the whole, entire, 7 hour of night and a little bit of daylight early in the morning, then the meowing stopped. Ok, no pitty, it's only for this night, maybe the lady cat had her baby cats already, I might even check on that later on the day.

I was so wrong.

Last night, the same concerto happened, it was not a regulat "meeeoooowwwww" singing to the moon on mating season, no, it was more like a "meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowMEEEOOOWWW!!!!!meowmeowmeow" from 11 to 6 am, exactly like a ticking clock. I thought, this is not a lady cat having baby cats, this is something else and I gotta go check it out.

So I went out with my PJ's outside to see what was out there making that continuous meowing and it took me directly to my boyfriend's car. Odd! Exactly inside where the engine is. Odd-er!

I stayed there talking the cat out of there for around 10 minutes and the cat didn't want to get out, I had no other choice but to turn on the car, with the cat inside. I thought, if this doesn't get the cat out of there at least it's going to shut it up but chopping it in tiny little pieces. And it did, as soon as I turned the ignition key a tiny bitty piece of yellow furr ran out from under the tires out meowing all the way to the end of the block, still I could hear the freaky piece of furr meowing, and it never stopped doing it.

So actually it didn't work, 10 minutes later the cat came back meowing under my bf's car and it remained that way until a piece of light showed up in the sky, then the kitty suddenly stopped the meowing.

I think this cat is afraid of the dark or something, I should buy it a night light, and a teddy, that will keep it quiet and will let us sleep...Hopefully.

Happy Friday Everyone!.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tah dah!


I’m not going to talk about the moving subject because to a point it pissed me off. Ah! Alright, but just a little bit…hehe…

Ok, so I’m done, everything’s done, fridge is done, furniture in place, bed in place, bathroom squeaky clean, carpet changed, stove half way done, why? Well we bought the connecting hose thingy but I’m missing the little thing that connects the hose thingy to the stove, so I can’t use the stove, so I went to the hardware shop yesterday to buy one tiny little connector and oh! It was closed, (not a surprise). So I dialed my boyfriend’s cell phone and it’s off, OFF!


Why do people who own a cell phone don’t have it turned on? Why? Isn’t the cell phone supposed to be for emergencies?

I was on an emergency here!

Anyhoo, my boyfriend showed up at ….what ever hour it might’ve been, I don’t remember and I don’t care anymore and I could not get the damn connector thingy.

So there! That’s why I’m pissed.

Now, changing the subject…

About a month about I developed what it’s called a “Dry eye” in my left eye, how did I knew that? So simple, I felt a big piece of lash stuck inside my eye and it was itching me, burning me and really I felt like my eye needed some moisture (this is because of too much time standing in front of the PC), and as cute as Yoli can be, she never took care of that eye; no biggie, I mean, just blink 10 times per second and the problem is not solved but at least you feel your eye is getting wet.

After that long time, the left eye is better, I didn’t do anything to it, it simply disappeared but, it moved to the other eye, so now I’m feeling that big lash stuck in my right eye, it hurts, it burns and it itches not to mention I’m blinking more than 10 times per second, everybody now thinks I have some sort of epileptic problem.

No, it’s just me, and my two “dry eyes”

But I’m not getting any medicine for it, hell no!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Friday Quickie!

Friday Quickie’s are always quick…

Alright, I got the keys to the apartment now, I moved all the heavy stuff away from my joint (except for one heavy box I forgot to include, dought!) and now I’m ready to rock and roll.

I had another discussion with my boyfriend last night over why he has pictures of everybody in his camera phone except my picture….I should be the first one there; this has become regular lately and I must admit is because of the stress both are going through, him because he is drowned with a huge credit card debt after his car was stolen and me because I had to lend money to my boyfriend to get his new car and now I have no money to buy things for my parents when they get here, and of course the one who starts the whole thing is “moi” (that’s me) so all the crap should be blamed on me, of course with my boyfriend’s fault, I mean he’s the one pushing me to be mean and ugly with him.

Anyhoo, I’m off to a very exhausting weekend of painting, cleaning (yuck) adjusting, moving and all that crap that comes along with moving to a new place (and it’s not me who’s moving) and I only have 4 days left of 2 hours each after work, which means, we will have sandwiches for lunch everyday starting Monday and my house will remain dirty so my dust mites can have a feast with my dead skin cells (hurray for them creatures, hope they don’t get indigestion).

So I have to get back to work on my “moving” schedule as I have nothing else to do today. Agh! I wished I left my work right now so I can start doing some things over there.

Can I go home now?

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Excuse Me!

Some people simply don’t understand…

Tuesday August 17 I received the keys to my apartment, (thank heaven) I was already thinking I was going to have my parents at home by the time the apartment would be ready because the fixtures seemed endless.

I told the building manager the apartment should be ready by August 1st. (That was in April) and the guy said “sure no problem, you’ll have it ready by that time”. And with that thought I left the guy alone until 2 weeks before the according date; and as expected like any other “irresponsible” Mexican he told me the apartment was not ready yet; well of course is not ready we are still 2 weeks to go, but how’s the apartment doing so far? And I got the same response the guy told me at first, so there were no advances….yet but he would be working on it….soon. How soon? I don’t know.

We had to re arrange a date to have the apartment keys and we set it for August 16, and for my “surprise” the apartment was ready of course, everything was clean and changed and beautiful but, the door has no locks! How am I suppose to get all my parent’s stuff inside if there are no locks in the door, and when I said it didn’t have locks it means there were two big holes where the locks suppose to be at.

By then….I was green!

So the lady in representation of the building manager said she had the keys of the door that had no locks (I don’t need no keys…there are no locks in my door!) and she can’t give them to me because the apartment is “Not” ready “yet”

By then…I was greener!

We go inside the apartment and I find everything is done, just the locks are missing, so I ask when am I getting the new locks for the house and she said she would fix it the next day (Of course I didn’t believe that). So I called a locksmith and set an appointment to get new locks for my door (much easier); but when I went there to tell the woman I would bring someone to have the locks changed the locks in my door are already changed; well, ok, they saved me some work and money but, what about the key to the building door? “I can’t give it to you” said the woman, this is my only key and I can’t give it to you” (that’s understandable, I would’ve said the same thing, with the difference that I have to move in there like now because the rent is already running and there’s no way in heaven I can get inside the apartment without the freaking key!)

I was….way….way….getting black!

Me: Can I borrow your key then so I can make a copy of it right now?

Woman: Hm! Let me see…

(clock’s ticking)

Me: Well?

Woman: When are your parents moving in?

Me: Next week, but I need to move the furniture this Friday

Woman: Can you come by tomorrow morning? (I thought, great, she’s going to make a copy for me…weeh) My daughter is going to be here so you can come and make a copy of the key in the morning (Agh!)

Me: Can’t I make a copy of the key right now?… Please?

Woman: Well, but this is the only key I have, so you better take care of it very good otherwise there will be no way I can get in again
Me: Don’t worry ma’am I won’t (like I really care!) I’ll bring it back to you in less than 15 minutes. (grins)

Woman: Well. Alright!

So I take the stupid key and keep it like the most loved treasure there was on earth asking god not to loose that damn key and go to the locksmith which is located at the very end of the town (there are only 2 o 3 locksmiths in the town where I live) and I had to hurry because they closed early, but that locksmith is closed. So I get back to my car with only 5 minutes left to search for another locksmith that would be open by miracle because it was almost 7 pm, but good thing I found a locksmith very at the bottom where nobody could see it, I just saw a small yellow sign that said “keys” and there I went.


I take the keys back to its owner and….that’s about it.
I’m not happy though, they made me loose 3 days already for this…Can I have my money back?

The End….

What were you expecting, a fascinating ending with a taste of action? I turned black didn’t I?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Women are from Venus Men are from Mars!


I remember when this book was first released and it became a best seller and sold like hot bread on Sunday mornings (like in my country he he) I didn’t quite understand what the writer was talking about at the moment, actually I never read the book and I am not intending do to so as I think I will frankly not understand it anyway.

Anyhoo! I thought about this “phrase” while I was in the bathroom and I found that really we are not different what so ever. The thing is very easy to understand if you get to observe your significant other and how he/she reacts from your actions.

Been thinking a lot lately (wow, really?) so don’t bother thinking that Mexico had a fire or something, it was just me pondering out on things, I think I overheated my brain cells with too much of it thought but I came up with this conclusion.

How men are when women are:

1. Pushy, annoying, frisky, squeaky, too girly, too giggly, and all that crap that comes along with it.

2. Independent, auto sufficient, respectful about him, un attached to the phone, to any girly thing and all that crap that comes along with it.

3. A pleaser in all the aspects not only sexually.

In (1) Men always complain about how a woman acts silly, how they get so scared about any little ugly thing, how the girlfriend, wife, mistress calls them at the cell phone or work or anywhere they might be to check on them and they get so pissed off at it (yes ladies it’s true) but they like it although they will always try to deny it…Men love attention, even though they always wished they had a woman who wasn’t so attached to them (uhuh).

In (2) Men don’t complain about it, hey, they have the perfect woman beside them, women don’t need men for help, women don’t need men for nothing, that’s what men think, they’re just there so they just get un attached like those women in (2).

In (3) Men completely forgets that he also should please his woman in all the aspects, so they just take care that his woman is there for when he needs them.

Men don’t like (1) and (2), women don’t like men to be like (1) and (2) it’s boring; but both love (3) of course only for themselves not for the other Ha! And that is very sad. That’s how my relationship is with my current BF I’m a girl like (3) because I always heard from my male friends that girls like (1) are so annoying to get pissed off at and (2) were so independent that men felt left aside and useless. I never wanted to piss off my man with my girly things or make him feel like he is good for nothing. I was wrong to a certain point.

Men and women are from the same place, we all need the same things, although we try to deny it all the time.

My best friend has told me tons of times “You have to have a leach attached to your man so you don’t let him go, they’re here for when you whistle or snap one finger they come running at you”. I never thought that was a good thing to say about a man, I mean that sounded just like my neighbors dog with the difference that I can have sex with him. Ha!

Well, as everything has been crappy lately between boyfriend and I because I’ve been acting so (3) and was not working, I have changed my ways of treatment towards my man, now I am acting (1), and guess what??? Things are really working, wow, my boyfriend pays more attention to me now, he calls me every day to check on me and how I’m doing, he even says he misses me and now he begs me to do things for him and he says he will do anything for me.

That is a big improvement. But here’s the thing, I don’t even move one finger to comfort him, I do make his lunch but I don’t put it in his lunch box any more. Hell no! Now if he wants something he should get it by himself, if he needs me to do something for him I simply don’t do it and if I need something I just tell him I need it.

Yup, the tortilla has turned and it has turned ugly, mean, girly, obnoxious; men know this is the only way things work and woman do the same.

So to finish this post I want to ask all of you readers. Is it really true that woman are from Venus and men are from Mars?

I sure think not, we understand each other very well. Right?

Monday, August 16, 2004

You're Tinkerbell!

Who 's Your Inner Sexy Cartoon Chick ?

Yep, that's me alright!

This post was brought to me by boo

Thursday, August 12, 2004

There is a God!

There really can be miracles...

I asked my boyfriend two days ago if the brother in law appeared finally and he said yes but it took him a while to get to the house without letting anyone know he was coming back that day so this is what happened.

The old man got off the airplane and searched around for his family, knowing that he was all left alone in the airport he decided to go alone to find his family so he did the fastest thing he could find. He got a cab and told him "Take me to San Diego, where my family is". So the taxi driver took him.

Two hours and the taxi-meter working, up they went to find his house which he never saw before since he last saw his wife and kids 3 m onths ago. The taxi driver asks for directions and the old man replied " I don't know, but you should look for this place, this big building with lots and lots of doors, it looks like a hotel and it's located somewhere around a bunch of cars".

So the taxi driver took him all around the San Diego area, up, down, left, right, north, south, west, and east, took them about another 2 hours to find the house till he finally go there.

"How much should I pay?" the old man asked. "It's a few hundred dollars" the taxi driver said for what the old man almost died of a heart attack.

But I only have one dollar and a few cents, do you take "Pesos"? the old man asked. The taxi driver looked at him funny and said, "what about that big golden chain you have on your chest?"

The old man had nothing else to do but to hand over the chain.

But the happy ending is that he got home, his wife was cooking dinner, his children were watching TV, they saw him and his wife began shouting at him for being irresponsible enough to not even call when he got there. HEHE

This story is fictitious but it might not be so far from reality.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Another one!

This one cracked me up....

My best friend called me at home last night to catch up on our stuff from the weekend and she told me the funniest story.

As she was crossing the border back to TJ she saw two police officers talking to each other and one girl approaching them, so then girl asks them:

Girl: Excuse me, where's the way to Mexico?

Officers: (both pointing over the Tijuana border bridge a few steps away)

Girl: But I just came that way!

If you didn't get it again....

This girl took over the prize for my boyfriends brother in law "Stupidest person I've ever known"

Monday, August 09, 2004


I really don’t know how to call this but I thought really stupid people only existed on TV, until yesterday…


I went with my boyfriend to the LA airport to take one of his sisters back to her country, as expected we took around 3 hours to have her checked in.

3 hours? Yes 3 hours. She was carrying over 300 Lbs. of luggage so she had to fix that “little” problem.


My boyfriend asks me if I could help him find his brother in law. ???… He was supposed to be back from his country to LA that same day but he only had the flight number and the approximate time he left his country.

Ok, no problem I said, which airline is he coming from? To which my boyfriend and his other sister replied, “Oh we don’t know, we only know he’s coming today, he left from there at 5 am or 5:30 something like that…”

Ok, then what’s the time he’s supposed to be here? I asked, “Oh we don’t know, the flight time is approximately 16 to 18 hours” So counting with my fingers I though, well maybe he’s already here. Was he making any stops? I asked. “Yes he made a stop in NY and after that he’s coming to LA”

Knowing now that was a hint more to our favor until I asked them, Was he switching planes at that stop. To which they replied, “Oh we don’t know, maybe he just waited a couple of hours there and then the plane left” So was what should we do? Wait at the International arrivals or at the National arrivals?

By now I was green as green as HULK, for what I told my boyfriend. How someone be so stupid to not give the exact information? I mean, is more than obvious.

Only one thing was left to do and I was not going to be the one doing it. Ask airline by airline National and International if there was an Arab guy coming in an airplane that left 5 ish or so with an 11 hour difference or we don’t know. Which would take one person about 2 hours in that huge messy airport.
If you know the LA international airport, you will know what I’m talking about.

Of course nobody wanted to do it so we just all went back home…to wait, but before that we went around the Coronado bridge and drink slurpies...

So if you hear or see in the news there’s one Arab old man missing and crying for his family at the LA airport, please let me know, I opened a special phone line for him 01-800-HESO-DUH

Now that is what I call a very, very, very stupid family.

Happy Monday every one!

Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday Super Duper Mega Quickie!


And it's not because I'm busy (actually I have nothing to do today); it's because my brain is so drained and empty right now I can actually hear my own dust mites talking to each other.

It's kind of fun....wee!

So while I stop this insanity (I hope it doesn't take too long) I'll put myself on "Stand by"mode....for today only, and the rest of the weekend too, don't get so excited.

I think these little creatures are trying to do something against me like give me a cold or a rash...nah!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

What a week!

After a hard week of work…

I won, yes I won, but it’s not a car, or a house or a trip to the tropical islands, no, I won a big fat heart burn, I never knew what a heart burn was until yesterday afternoon. I think it was to be expected one of these days, I mean I am always on the run for everything, especially the past week.

After the 1001 things I had pending I could only finish up 2 or 3 so I still have 900 and something things pending to go, but I won’t bother worrying, I’ve had enough for one week.

So I suppose these are the few things that probably created a heart burn for me:

My parents are coming over in 3 weeks and the apartment that I rented for them was supposed to be ready by last week but the building Admin. Didn’t pay much attention to my requests (I know now) ‘cause the carpets are not yet replaced, the kitchen wall is still with the cement on full glow and the closet is completely destroyed. But they have a new boiler.

My car was making weird noises every time I made a turn, if it was to the left the car would make noises on the right side, if I turned the car to the right, it would make noises on the left side. I took it to the mechanic and had to change the whole front suspension because both shafts were broken. Besides that, I had to wait over 2 hours after the time they told me the car would be ready so I had to stay in the reception area talking to an old lady who was whispering every word; how can she think I can listen with all that noise going around that shop? I was hoping she didn’t ask me anything because then I would be in trouble, why? Cause the old lady was the owner of the mechanic shop.

The fixture was way too expensive it almost gave me a heart attack right there when they told me how much I had to pay.

I had plans to go shopping for my parents new apartment on Sunday so I asked my BF if he would be back earlier and he said he would be back around 1 or 2 pm but he would call me first. Well it was 9 pm and he had not called in yet and there went my Sunday.

It was almost midnight on Sunday and I heard a dog barking, it was a pit bull then I heard a very loud scream, it was coming from that old hobo dog that has been sleeping in front of my apartment door every since the neighbor fed it. The Pitt Bull dog almost killed it, I was in shock and I couldn’t sleep last night.

My heart burn is not completely gone but at least I can walk straight, so I guess I’m doing better.

Damn what a week!
And this week doesn’t look any prettier.