Thursday, July 22, 2004

Yoli’s Flashbacks!

Back in the days…
I remember when I was little, maybe around 2o or 3 years of age, you know the age when you want to know everything and you ask “why” for what ever thing that crosses your mind. I didn’t use to ask much I remember that but I loved discovering things by my own.
Like for example:
I discovered when you eat ants they cause you stomach pain and a real bad diarrhea.
I discovered that eating the blue little things inside the powder detergent made me sneeze a lot and also caused me a bad diarrhea.
I discovered that Play Do tastes salty and really bad, but once you get used to the flavor, it’s not so bad actually.
I also discovered that dog and cat food has a tangy sour flavor but definitely not tasty but at least it didn’t cause me diarrhea, so I suppose it’s eatable for humans too.
I discovered that crayons are really chewable and can make a good replacement for bubble gum, of course without the bubble, thought it did cause me a bad stomach pain and well diarrhea too.
I discovered that is really not a good idea to pour Vapo-rub on your private parts because it burns like hell.
So you see, I have discovered many things that maybe some of you have never willed to try.
And actually when I now say something like:
“This tastes like rubber”
“This tastes like cardboard”
“This tastes like chalk”
“This tastes like WD-40”
And people look at me funny, I can’t help it I just have to say, “well I tried it and it really does taste like that” 


Shara said...


I am envious. I was never brave enough or adventurous enuogh to taste things. I'm still a big chicken when I go out to eat and usually get something that I know what it is, have tried it before and liked it.

Jay said...

dog biscuits are sour. whisker biscuits are not.

Avuncular 1 said...


You are too funny. This is an excellent post. Instead of tasting everything, I smell it. Hard to get diarrhea that way.

Ben-gay burns down there too.

Avuncular 1 said...


You are too funny. This is an excellent post. Instead of tasting everything, I smell it. Hard to get diarrhea that way.

Ben-gay burns down there too.

boo said...

yoli.... a tad too adventureous for me!... mind you i did eat a few worms... with no ill effects... and some wevels... which made the rest of my family ill all nite... will i slept like a baby... these days... i like to stick to food that does not move.... before you put it in your mouth....

Tricia said...

you are so fuuny!

I had a need to stick things in my nose.
My sister did too.
Once we had to rush her to the emergency room with a crayon stuck up her nose. It was too small to pull out so the doc pushed it through!

As a matter of fact, I'm gonna do a post about that. She'll get really mad when she reads it.
I love annoying her!

Thanks for the laugh!

Jamie said...

So whenever any of us feels the need to taste, say, the carpets of my car...or,if we were maybe wondering if that pudding really iiiiis pudding, we can always count on Yoli to try it first! Gotta love someone who is funny and usefull!

Tricia said...

I thought you were the uh... ostrich... uh thingy.
Now we come to find out you are really a guinea pig!

I feel much safer knowing that you tried it first!

Monkey said...

HAHA! At least you're honest! :-) Loved this post!

toron said...

A paracetamol pill covered in ants tastes okay hahaahha!!!

Yoli said...

Don't be so envious, it's not pretty to have stomach infections that often. That's too adventurous :)

Never tried the whiskers buiscuits but I might try those one day. When I have a cat..

I'm more of a texture person then to smell things but you're right about not getting sick with it. Thought it would make you puke.

You're very smart, good thing we never hang around and never met each other back when I was little otherwise you would eat what I ate. All the kids in my block did..LOL

You're nasty woman! sticking things in your nose. Just gives me the goose bumps ..eeoooww! And me? a guinea pig? What tha...!!!

If you have pepto by your side it will be my pleasure :)

I've never been so honest in my whole life!

You're trying to poison me woman! Which reminds me also that I used to eat Chloroseptic chewable tables cherry flavor I remember. They always made my whole mouth numb along with my lips and part of my cheeks, I didn't like that but those tables were tasty :)

ilumpo said...

I never did try anything when I was a kid, BUT did try crocodile about 2 years ago, tasted like chicken!

Tricia said...

Me nasty?
Yeah, you're right, oh well!

I put up my sisters nose post with a thankyou to you for inspiring me with your diarrhea stories. LOL

jp said...

I think Play Doh tastes great, smells even better and leaves a very colorful array in your terlet the next day. :o)