Monday, July 05, 2004

The Weekend from Hell!

Why me…Why me??!!…

I think the worst thing about a relationship is that not only you get engaged with your partner but also with the inlaws, and “Antisocial Yoli” don’t like to play social with the inlaws.

I’ve told my boyfriend trizzillion times I don’t like to spend more than 30 seconds with his family because of the difference in culture, language, and what not; I know it sounds ugly, bad and horrible but that’s how I am. Saturday we went to buy my boyfriend his new cell phone and he wanted me to help him out choose one. I don’t consider myself cheap, I just consider myself practical and economical and that’s the reason why all my clothes have no international brand names or well known designers like Gucci or Armani, Guess, etc, etc, etc. For me, as long as is a good quality clothe, comfortable, good looking and at a reasonable price is good enough for me. The same goes with everything else I use around me, so with that thought I was looking around for a cheap reliable phone for my boyfriend, well, as expected, we found a nice phone with all those cool gadgets you can find in a phone that even I was drawling for and my boyfriend wanted it. It was the most expensive phone on show, and well, to make the long story short, that’s the phone he got; he’s happy now with his new phone.

Everything was beautiful, like one of those romantic weekends you love to spend with your boyfriend until he mentioned the sentence “Let’s go see my sister” I felt every little hair in my body arose from my skin and felt the “goose bumps”. I wanted to scream, I wanted to run away and get the hell out, but I could not, we were in the freeway at more than 75 miles per hour and that would be completely suicidal for me. So the only thing I could do is put my miserable ugly face like “Do we have to?” and the story began all over again.

Bf: Why what’s wrong?
Me: Nothing I just get so bored!
Bf: But it will be just for a little bit, I promised my sister I would go over and see her
Me: Well how bit will be that little bit?
Bf: Just a few minutes, 15 minutes just to stop by and say hello.
Me: …

Well actually it wasn’t only 15 minutes, it was 2 hours to be exact, good thing I am starting to understand a little bit of my boyfriend’s language so I could catch up a bit of the conversation he was having with their sisters, and it really wasn’t a good nice chat, it was more like an argument.

Sunday morning, my boyfriend told his sisters he would take them to Balboa Park, for those who know the area of San Diego, CA. and have seen Balboa Park is a very nice park where you can enjoy the culture and relax while watching the nice structures of the museums around, it’s big, with lots and lots of trees and well, if you really want to enjoy it you should walk around every little hidden corner of this Museum/Park; I was excited to go since the last time I was there was 10 years ago. Everything was just as I left it and just a few things got enhanced but the rest was all the same. At this point, hell was about to begin.

I’ve never went with the inlaws anywhere else but their homes or to the beach but never to any other place like a big park or a cultural center and believe me I will never go with them again. It was a nightmare, it was embarrassing and shameful. This place is one of the most beautiful places to go and walk and just breathe the fresh air with lots and flowers and natural living and well in my case I love to walk, and walk, and walk until I loose all sense in my feet and that’s what I wanted to do, but, you know in all the parks there are benches ever 3 feet so, there you saw the whole family (sisters and nephews) sitting almost everywhere; the funniest thing was that they just ate their lunch 1 hour before and when we got out of the car my boyfriend asked me if we could eat inside, I said yeah sure of course, but I never thought they would bring 3 buckets of water, 2 bags of cookies and bread and pistachios and sunflower seeds and god knows what else they were carrying in those bags, as if they were really going to sit down and eat. So we get out of the car and walk towards the park and guess what? There was a place with grass and shade and 2 or 3 people sitting so they went there and sat, I look at my boyfriend and say:

Me: What?! We have lots of things to see!
Bf: Yeah I know but let’s just sit down and drink a little bit of water
Me: What tha!
Bf: Come sit with us and then we keep on walking
Me: Alright, you sit here with your family I’ll go walk, I’ll catch you guys later!

That’s how it went the 4 hours we stayed in the park, they were sitting and I was walking, actually I walked the whole park around two times and they were still sitting, not on the same spot no, no, no, they were sitting every 3 feet where they saw benches. “Oh look, one bench and has shade, let’s sit down and eat”. Of course while they were walking the only thing I could hear were my boyfriend’s nephews just mocking at everything they saw, one girl playing the violing “mock, mock, mock” One big building with medieval pictures “mock, mock, mock”. It was very, very, very annoying, to the point I wanted to kick their …. Ok, I’ll calm down now.

And my boyfriend wants to take them all to the Zoo….Yeah right! I’m not spending my share of money waiting for these people to sit, and eat, then get up walk three feet and sit down again and eat while the whole zoo is waiting for me to enjoy. Hell no, that’s no fun at all! People you gotta exercise more! And let’s just say, I am the fatty in the family ok?

So there you have it folks, yes it was a shieety Sunday, which I must say I spent with myself, walking alone all over the precious place because my boyfriend could not let them sit by themselves, oh no, they might get lost…in the bench… Bull…

This morning I am not in a nice mood as you can tell, I have no server, so I can’t work, which means I am delayed now, which means I won’t go home early, which means I’ll be late for everything.

Good thing I have internet…Woo hoo!


steve said...

Hahaha..yes, isnt the internet great!!

sorry to hear of your weekend..thanks for the comment, yea, it was a odd way to loose a job but thats life i guess. Anyways, i added a link to my i and others can see your page. take care!!

Justin said...

The great thing about moving out is that you get away from your family. Duh.

boo said...

families bite... i am thankful that my family lives over water... lots of deep breaths... and walking away whilst smiling...

Yoli said...

Thanks for stopping by and making advertisements for my blog, sure need that alot he!

I moved away from my family and look where I am at now. I should buy a piece of land in the moon and live over there.

My parents were livingo over water for 3 years and now they're coming back. I guess we just can't get away from them huh?

ilumpo said...

Ah! I wanted to see the BAMBOO exhibit at the Japanese Friendship Garden! Did you get to see it?


Shara said...

I didn't want to play "social" with my in-laws over the holiday either. Much like you, I was promised a short stay and we were there for over 2 hours. My husband isn't very social with his family either so it was doubly uncomfortable. When we finally did leave he said he felt we didn't stay long enough and we ate and ran! I know I didn't eat for 2 hours...I wonder what family cookout he thought he attended? *scratching head*

Wendy said...

I moved a thousand miles to get away from my family and am now stuck 15 minutes from my inlaws. I've made it really clear to my husband this is NOT going to work, I've got to get away from these people!!
What a bunch of lazy-sounding people! I'm sorry you had such a crummy time, Yoli...I'm really feeling your pain. =(

Yoli said...

NO I didn't, but I saw all the beautiful flowers at the museum of culture. It was neat and perfect to sit down with a glass of iced jazmin tea and a good book to read. Next time I go I'll see the bamboo exhibit. :)

Hugs x 2

LOL that's right, same thing here when my boyfriend says just to stop by and say hello. I mean, when I say I'll just stop by and say hello I really mean to do it. I just say Hello there, anything going ok? Need something? Alrighty then see ya!" and that's about it. Here is not, the stop by and say hello is a stay over for lunch, snack, TV session and I also wonder what kind of stop by is that? *scratches head too*

Living near by any family member never works, as if we were obligated to go and stop by..why? can't they just live in their own neighborhood and stay the hell out of our lives? Guess not huh?
Thank you for being understanding :) You're great!

toron said...

I understand what you mean about in-laws. I had the same problem with my ex boyfriend. The great thing about my husband's family is that they are fantastic chatty people who likes drinking and talking and doesn't mind honesty so they're cool.