Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Why do good people always have the worst luck?...

I am grumpy, I am grouchy, I am annoying, I complain too much I won't deny that, but when it comes to helping out other people when they need it I am always there and my boyfriend is just like that and even more than me, he's just a good samaritan.

But being a good samaritan has its own price and is not pretty; it always comes with bad things on the side.

Yesterday morning as my boyfriend wanted to leave for work he noticed a big big space in the parking...something was missing...his car...

Why I ask, why this has to happen to him? In the worst of the times when he has to support his family who came from their country a few months ago to live in the US and has a big debt in the banks for that reason.

This really pisses me off, it turns me green. I am thinking one of these days I am going to turn like the HULK, I always try to keep things calm when something bad happens to me or my family and I have to keep my mouth shut because that's what a nice person has to do, just accept what it comes and thank the Omnipresent for giving us that big test to prove we are good sons. But I am reaching my limit, oh yes I am, one day I am going to talk, I am going to talk loud and clear so everybody hears me....even YOU!

Why? This is my question today, why? It's not fair, really it is not!

So now I gave my car to my boyfriend to take it to work because he has to drive over 40 miles to get there until he finds a car he can buy, I don't mind taking the public transp. plus I work near home. So I'll look at the possitive side in this disgrace. My boyfriend is picking me after work... Yippiiiii!

Alright, it's not working!

I'm grouchy, so everybody who wants to deal with me today will get some of my "Hulkiness"

Happy Humpday.


Jamie said...

So where did his car go? That sucks. I hope hump day gets better for ya.

Yoli said...

I don't know, but there might be 2 reasons.

#1 Someone stole it

#2 Suddenly the car had a mind of its own and decided to run away from the parking space.

Thanks for the nice wishes :)

Jamie said...

It could have been towed, I didn't know...Small town mind, cars don't get stolen around here every day, sorry. That was a stupid question. I have been on this damn puter all day, and my mind is mushy now.

Vadergrrrl said...

Hi sweetie.
Here is a hug.
Your positive energy makes the world a better place.
AND, it will come back to YOU!

ilumpo said...

you have to report it in both Tijuana and San Diego as stolen! hopefully it will turn up in a few days... A friend of mine found her car and also my mom's friend!

Let me know if I can help!

love ya!

Tricia said...

Breath yoyo, breath!

If you turn into a big green hulk, you'd better take a picture or I'm going to be pissed!

Yoli said...

No biggie, I was trying to make a fun comment though I need to mock myself right now lol.

Love yaa!!!! Thanks so much for the hug and the nice thought, I really need that right now. It's just one of those times when you just need to be listened by someone and nedd comforting words like those...
Hugs to you too

Did that already, spent the whole freaking day reporting the damn car. Now we know who stole it and the Mexican police, (you know how these people are) just aren't listening and I am about to burst into tears because I feel so defenseless. Oh well, thank you anyway :)

Tomorrow will be the day the world is cracking in two, I promise even a thunder storm is going to burst and turn the whole world green. I'll take my camera along for you to see my pic. I won't dissapoint you I promise. :) LOL

Sloth said...

Just be careful, if you turn into the hulk your clothes can come flying off because they are suddenly too small.