Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Tuesday Quickie!

I think I found the perfect mutant of a human and a dog...
Have you seen how dogs when you cross their block or their little piece of ground they start barking at you until you leave? Well I know a few people in my neighborhood who are just like that.
The parking space was empty the whole weekend and actually was empty the whole month. So my boyfriend and I thought it would be a good idea to put our cars together on one sigle parking space and so we did only for one night.
Yesterday afternoon I tried to do the same but as I was about to do so there comes this woman our neighbor upstairs who happened to stop by to check on her apartment and when she saw my car biting a little piece of her parking space she started "Barking" at me. Yes, just as you read it, She just got out of her car to shout me to move my car away from her parking space and as I moved my car she left. So again I parked my car correctly and there she comes again shouting at me that I am moving back to her space (lunatic woman), so there I go again moving my car and she stayed there until she made sure the crop in the street was biting my car tire and then she left. The only thing she needed was a leach, a bone and a tail.
Same thing happened a few months ago when one old lady went to visit one of my neighbors in the building and she didn't know about the barking humans upstairs so after 2 hours or so when the ugly neighbor saw she had her parking space blocked she barked at the old lady but this time she had company, her brother in law, her sister and her "puppy's".
Yep I have dogs for neighbors, bad dogs....bad dogs. 
So today you've learned a lesson folks. People also "Bark"
So after what happened yesterday I now say to my visitors:
"Just don't park in this space, there are dogs keeping an eye on it, they might bite and have rabies"


Me said...

Ah the old territorial people. Thats life, we spend our whole lives trying to get a small space to call our own and defend it like it was our castle under seige. Sad but true

Beerslinger said...

Some people only have enough intelligence to breed. I feel for you man.

BTW nice site.


Monkey said...

HAHA! Great post! That's sad there's people out there that are actually like this! Thanks for the laugh!

Jay said...

i'd park my tires ON the yellow line, just to irritate her.

Sloth said...

Dwarf dwarf dwarf dwarf dwarf!!!

Stupid barking humans. Maybe you could call and say they are strays and the ugly-human catcher will put them in the pound.

Avuncular 1 said...


How are you doing?

Bad Sloth. I wanted to do the "dwarf! dwarf! dwarf!"

Vadergrrrl said...

Great post as always. Damn humans, how dare they disturb the dogs!


Jenn said...

You didn't bark right back at her miss Yoli? I would go out tonight and let all the air out of her tires while she is sleeping!

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a bad dog
Todd Vodka

Yoli said...

If that woman had a job and something interesting going on in her life she would not bother thinking of a stupid parking space. Her life must be extremely boring.

I don't think she's that smart though. LOL

I'll draw a line alright. Right up her A.S.S.

Too bad in Mexico this system doesn't even work with real dogs. Bleah!

I'm doing alright, despite the diarreah I caught for being pissed off. Thanks for asking though :)

Lots and lots of hugs!!
I we could only put those people to sleep I'd be happy :)

You devilish woman you!
Actually I'm planning to rot some eggs and throw them up her window, then throw a banana peel inside her muffler and the best to finish I'll drop some sugar in her gas tank. How does that sound?

Anonimous Todd Vodka,
If you knew this woman, you would know what a real bad dog is like.

ilumpo said...

should have just barked like a dog to her! pinchi vieja!