Friday, July 16, 2004

Part 2!

Yep, there’s a Part 2 believe it or not…
Frankly the Humpback must look pretty beside me. I need sleep, I look so yellow and pale I scare people, hell I even scare myself.
Last night everything seemed so quiet it was unbelievable there were no noises outside. But I was thinking too early because later at night 2:00 am to be exact the nice neighbor lady again takes its shieety ass puppy out to poop; and this time I was not going to lay in bed waiting for them to shut up.
Little by little as I promised I was turning into Hulk and last night was the night my room exploded.
Neighbor: HA HA HA HA Look at this mother f..ker, it wants to sh..t on the wheel (I freak out with the hope it was not my car wheel)
Dog: Grrrrr…..dwarf!
Neighbor: No, no, no, no, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!
Dog: Dwarf, dwarf, dwarf, dwarf,
Neighbor: Shut up, and come here, come here you, leave the cat alone!
Dog: Grrrrr
Cat: Mmmmmmmeeeeeoooowwwwwww Heeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz
Neighbor: Go, shoo, shoo (big foot steps)
I think at that moment the dog was chasing the cat around because the woman just kept yelling at the puppy all over the parking area.
By then I  was completely green and I felt cold sweat all over my body and I could feel the hair in my body arising from my skin. I could not take it any more and I just had to get up and shut the woman up.
My boyfriend was so scared because that same afternoon I told him that if I heard that woman with that dog again in the middle of the night I was going to get out and shut her up. So as soon as my boyfriend heard me taking my clothes our of my drawer he got up and said. “where are you going?” and I just told him “I’m going to shut that woman up that’s what I’m going to do!”
So I just went outside and I saw the woman for the first time in two days, with her flannel pajama and a sleeping hat and there it was this cute Labrador pup smelling its own old poop and looking for a new fresh place to put his new poop.
Me:      Excuse me lady, I’m so sorry to disturb you at this time of night, I know it’s late it’s 2:00
             am but you’re making too much noises and we have to wake up very early in the
            morning so can you keep your voice down?
Neighbor: What?
Me:      Keep your voice down, you have been waking us up for two nights in a row now and we
             need to sleep I’m sorry.
Neighbor: Oh sure, no problem
Me: I’m R.E.A.L.L.Y.  S.O.R.R.Y.    T.H.A.N.K.  Y.O.U!
Neighbor: No problem
When I turned around to get into my apartment I see this woman whom I think it was this woman’s sister looking at me like she wants to have a fight with me. But at that time I was boiling so I just gave her my “I will kill you if you even look at me” look and I said “good evening’ The woman said the same and saw me as I was getting inside.
I think the one who should have given an apology to me was the neighbor but oh well. She just won a call to the police next time I hear her barking at her dog.
But that didn’t end there, oh no sir, you think that just because I went outside and shut the woman the night was going to be peaceful? Well it was peaceful for 1 minute because after that a big truck with very very loud country music was passing fast by my block and parked near my window and the owner of the big truck was shouting the name of another guy in another big truck in the corner below.
That lasted about 1 or 2 hours more.
Then a patrol car was chasing another car with the sirens on.
After that the firefighters came along with the sirens on
And to finish the circus, a midnight concerto starting two male cats fighting over a female cat.
By then it was 4 am and it was time to get up.
Did I get rest?
You think I’m in the mood to work and listen to other people crap at work?
This time, if I hear one more time the guy sitting next to me whistling a stupid Beatle song. I’m gong to punch him in the face, I swear.
Tricia, I’m sorry I didn’t take the pictures when I was turning into Hulk but it was too dark and too damn late to look for my Polaroid.
Probably tonight I’ll be more prepared.
Have a nice and peaceful weekend everyone. 


Sloth said...

I would be ready for fisticuffs if I had a night like that! Poor Yoli. I have upstairs neighbors that need to get divorced. They scream at each other late into the night and say vile things. But I'm moving soon - yay! Maybe you should move too?

Tricia said...

What! No pics?

I will take your ostrich and paint it green. Then at least we'll have some idea what you look like as the hulk!

Yoli said...

Believe me yesterday I was talking my boyfriend into moving out of that place. It's wicked!

That's a great idea!!!! Paint my ostrich green. I'm always green I have a green mood. Or maybe I should post Oscar the grouch huh? I'll think about it over the weekend :)

boo said...

yuk yuk yuk.... you poor thing... neighbours can be hell... but i seem to have mine whipped now... stern words and evil looks... always do the trick... also looking like the hulk!... that's enough to silence most people!... how ur weekend is better... and you get some rest...

Jamie said...

I can totally feel the neighbor pain, posted on them a few, called the popo on them a few. Now that doesn't help much unless they are breaking some damn law, but when you threaten, and they see the squad car, and they aren't used to handcuffs, that may work for you. Just didn't for me...Good Luck!

ilumpo said...

the problem with mexican culture in Tijuana is that there is a huge lack of respect towards your surroundings.

sorry yolis, you should consider moving! that damn complex of yours is just too accesible!

want me to help find another place? let me know!


Avuncular 1 said...


Sloth said...


Dwarf dwarf dwarf dwarf!!!

Varla said...

Yoli that just sucks! My neighbors keep us up at night too, yelling at each other, mariachi music at 2am...yikes. How about ear plugs? Can you sleep with those in?
Good luck!

Yoli said...

Jamie, boo,

Next step will be the cops if these people would not shut up. fortunately it did work perfectly. I think my "hulkiness" worked :)

I did searched for apartment but I can't seem to find any that is as cheap as mine. Noop I'm not moving out of playas no sirryy!. But thanks so much for the offer.

We should go IHOPing again you know, just to relief stress yeeeii!!

HUGS X 10000

Glad you liked the Egg Yol!

You ! Don't tempt me you!

You know, one time when my neighbor upstairs used to have a mate every single night they used to make lots and lots and lots of noises and one night i just decided to wear not only ear plus but I wore some cottong aswell just to keep the noise very far away from my ears. The bad thing was that it was so tight inside my ear I started to feel a headache. I don't I'm thinking maybe playdo will do...huh? :)
Thanks for stopping by the Egg Yol!