Monday, July 19, 2004

Oh Goodness!

What would you do if…
Me: Ok so now that you have a car you should buy an alarm for it
Bf: No I can’t right now, I don’t have any money,
Me: It’s only $80 dollars!
Bf: Oh look at this cool phone and it’s only $150 dlls that’s cheap!.
Bf: I can’t see well, I need my sunglasses
Me: What you need is a pair of reading glasses ‘cause you can barely see the….WATCH
Me: Take the original documents out of the car just in case, or take out one of the wires
Bf: No, that’s ok, I’ll just leave it on the street, I don’t think something will happen to it.
Me: Well then park it on my space, my car is yunk and yours is not.
Bf: No, it’s ok, just leave it.
Me: Well then buy the freaking insurance!
Bf: No it’s too expensive and I can’t affort it right now.
Me: We’ll see if your car gets stolen again if you have 400 dlls to buy another one just like that one.
What I’m planning to do at our anniversary and his birthday:
I will buy one bow with one card. Why?
Because I have given him a pack of lotion with aftershave and moisturizing cream and now ask me where it was.
Inside the stolen car.
I gave him one shirt originally made in Veracruz and ask me where it was.
Inside the stolen car
I gave him for his birthday one big tool box with lots and lots and lots of cool tools. Now ask me where that was….
Yeah… In the stole car.
So now before his gifts get stolen or lost I will loose them for him, at least I will know where they were…
 Happy Monday everyone!


Tricia said...

Men are so DUMB!
They never listen... then they screw it up!

Wendy said...

It never fails to amaze me how little logic and common sense men have. Yoli, if I were you I probably wouldn't give him anything more than a card for the next twenty birthdays IF I knew him that long (which would be questionable).

Sloth said...

That is an excellent plan Yoli!

For the next occasion, give him a card with a drawing of a car on it. Then say, this is the car that was going to be stolen so I didn't bother to buy it. Happy birthday!!

Hysterical as always, Yoli.

boo said...

ah man... i don't think i would even bother with a card... just a note... saying... "all your gifts and cards are in the stolen card.... if you can find it... you can have them..." mmm... men... they like the easy life... or is that lazy life...

Mr. Tetris said...

Being a man... what was this post about again?

Yoli said...

Dumb...Yeah I was thinking more of distraction but you just hit on the spot. Thanks for making my language richer LOL. :)

Sloth & Boo,
Those ideas are so great and magnificent I am actually going to use both one for our aniversary and the other one for his birthday. Thanks for the tips girls!

Mr. Tetris,
Actually the post is not about being a man but how disoriented and careless a man is when talking about personal belongings specially when they are given to them as a gift. geesshhh!
Thanks for stoping by the Egg Yol!