Thursday, July 08, 2004

Miss Information Center!

Do I look like a freaking phone book to ya?!...

Believe it or not, everywhere I've worked everybody asks me everything.

Where's the bathroom.
Where can I get this?
Do you know this place is?
I need tickets for the Placido Domingo Concert please find me information.

And the latest and newest of the all and the winner of all questions!

" I need you to find me the prices of front and back shocks for a 1997 Cadillac Seville STC with 32.5 valves V8 engine "

WHAT THA!?!?!?!

By the way, if anybody knows the price please tell me. I need help here

Damn Freaking Thursday!


Jenn said...

Do you know where I can find... heehee I love ya girl! I have no idea how much shocks are tell them to get on the freaking internet you can find anything on the net!

Yoli said...

LOL Jenn,
I went into the internet and searched for shocks and it gave me a bunch of other thingies the shocks have, like strings and supports and mounts and bla bla bla. I got all confused and then I called the tool crip buyer to get me prices on there I am out of the problem now hehehe. :)

Wendy said...

Yoli, you need to start charging for your valuable services!

Yoli said...

If I'd charge for my services every time people asked me something I would be a millionare and I would not have to work again... that's how much I get asked for things. Oh the horror!!

Tricia said...

You wealth of useless knowledge you.

Shocks cost... uhm... I don't know.
I must find out!
I AM an overachieving elipses!

Monkey said...

You just tell 'em:
"If you have to ask how much the front and back shocks cost on a 1997 Caddy Seville you shouldn't be driving it"
Will that work ya think? :-)
Have a great day friend!

Prestbury said...

Yoli - I'm at the beach and I need a snorkel. Do you know where I can buy a snorkel?

Yoli said...

You and I could make a great team there!

My boyfriend said something similar to that, he said if that old car needs new shocks and they cost that much he better buy a newer car instead. haha
You too have a great day Monkey! :)

I am going to pimp slap you!
Keep on having lots of fun on your vacations :)

boo said...

lol... you should get a sign... like lucy from peanuts... saying "information 5$"... i wonder how many inquiries you'd get then?....