Friday, July 09, 2004

Last thought of the week!

I'm copying the Monkey on this one...

People I would love to pimp slap:

All those people who think in their minds are whistling a song every single day, all day long while they're walking across MY OFFICE area!!

This is getting on my nerves now.

Somebody shoot me!

Happy weekend everyone :o)


boo said...

*la la la... la la la*..... ooops... you caught me... pimp slap on the way?... (how do you do that over the net?...)

Monkey said...

You can copy the Monkey anytime! :-)

I'd like to pimp-slap those same people - everyone should pimp-slap 'em!

Yoli said...

I think it's "SSSLAAAMP!" no?

Thank's Monkey! :) I;ll copy the pimp slap more often then.

Pimp Slap to the mocking bird sitting next to me aah!!!!


Vadergrrrl said...

I would love to PIMP SLAP my ex husband...

I would also like to PIMP SLAP GW BUSH!

I owe you a link, and its comming right now.

Luv YA!

Justin said...

Haven't you ever heard, "Whistle while you work"?

Yoli said...

Your ex husband whistles too?
Pimp slap him woman!

Luv ya back :)

Who ever invented that phrase deserves more than just a pimp slap.