Tuesday, July 27, 2004

End of Month!

And the beginning of everything…

I hate the end of month, if some of you people work in an industry or work as an accountant you will know what I’m talking about.

Is the date when you have to re-arrange everything for the next month to come. It is where you find big, hell huge mistakes in all of your reports and you have to check item by item to find where the mistake begun and because you did not check that before because it was well hidden now you have to unbuild and rebuild everything all over again, from scratch since day one of the month before ‘cause if a little decimal does not match with the current plan you’re screwed and it means you’re an A-H. That’s right, and a big one.

That’s what it is when you work for a company that has to do with lots and lots of numbers. If some of you don’t work in an industry and think it would be a great idea to start working in one. PLEASE DON’T…It’s real hell in here.

So as it is already the end of the fiscal month and my boss thinks he’s the big Sheeat around here (which he really is but still I am in denial) he’s stepping on my feet to get the whole monthly package for the big pile of mud the big one the heavy shiieety boss (that means the VP). And I thought that being a Production Admin was a very easy job to do. Well I was wrong.

I miss being the Executive Admin for the Director, now I see the girl who is the Admin for the big boss and she’s so nice, so pretty, her hair is so well done, wearing high heels and nice suits and with her perfect manicure being so elegant and doing what I miss the most…nothing!

And here I am, with my nails broken and perfectly cut to the tip of my fingers because typos here are the worst mistake you could ever do in your life. Wearing working shoes because I’m not allowed with heels and open shoes at the production floor, regular working clothes and if it’s the oldest ones I can find in my closet the better it is because I have to walk through the areas that have lots of things that might ruin my clothes, etc. etc, etc.

But I’m not complaining, oh no, I’m just spitting out my stress, which will not end until the end of the week.

If I was Garfield I would have broken the ceiling by now, my company is testing the emergency alarm and as I was to expect, it’s right in my back. So image the sound it’s making at this very moment…I wished I were deaf!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

It is Tuesday right? Or is it Monday still?



Tricia said...

Poor YoYo!

All that crap and alarms and you can't even wear high heels.
That's no life for a girl!

Steve the Mildly Unwell Bastard said...

Ya, when you see someone with perfect fingernails, you know they aren't TOUCHING any papers. They are "delegating" it to other people. It's enough to drive you crazy!

The end of the quarter is nuts around my place. Piles of paper are everywhere in my office as we speak. Hope no one sneezes......

Sloth said...

I do financial stuff too, Yoli. I can relate. But that alarm! That's too much!

Vadergrrrl said...

Work suxs in general eh? Ever listen to Huewy Lewis?
He's got a song that I play on my way to work, called "workin for a livin". Pretty funny stuff.

Much love to you!

Wendy said...

Yoli, I missed you!!!!! ((((hugs))))

I used to be a bookkeeper too. I HATED end of month!! End of a quarter (every three months) was worse and end of year? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Vent all you want honey, we're here for you!

Yoli said...

I don't feel like a girl anymore!

Steve, etc etc etc,
I see alot of girls like that around here and they all say "GOd, I'm so tired! "huh!

I've never heard an alarm as anoying as this one. In fact, even if there was no fire and the alarm turned on just because of the noise this thing does I would run, so so far away.

Never heard of him before but I'm sure I'll like that song. Will download and listen.

I missed you too! Quarters of the month are the worst that's so true. But I'm waiting for the good stuff...The end of the year...aaagghhh. I'm going to die!

Thank you for letting me out my stress, now I'm ready to work....(yeah right)

Jamie said...

I got one for you. At my work, they have this miniature doll house that has a red light inside that flashes to simulate "HOUSE ON FIRE!" They will subtley leave it places and watch, and if you walk by and don't sound the fire alarm, you can get into trouble. They showed it to us in orientation, and I have to skulk through the halls now.

Yoli said...

jamie, what kind of company is that??? Blaming the workers for not activating the fire alarm...nice nice