Monday, July 12, 2004

El Amore!

That sounds so mushy…

But it’s true, today I am mushy, sleepy and dreamy at the same time. Is it true that when someone loves someone doesn’t realize it until one day a spark hits them? I don’t know.

I’ve been with my b/f for almost 2 years now and every time someone asked me if I was in love with him or if I loved him I said with my eyes turning somewhere else “sure” but never a “yes I love him so much, he’s the man of my dreams, I want to marry him…” and all that crap I hear from my friends and people, although we live together and it may sound strange but I feel as if he wasn’t there I would not be complete and I must say this doesn’t have anything to do with being used to the other person who sleeps beside you.

Over the weekend I felt something pinching my brain just as we were in the parking lot of a super market and there was a song on the radio “I just called to say I love you”. Just when I realize I was doing something I hate to see the most from others I was doing it in front of lots of people, Boyfriend and I singing the song, looking at each other and feeling happy not caring if others saw or listened to us. But that didn’t last long, I think just for 1 minute, then I shut up and felt over the clouds when my boyfriend was looking at my eyes and me not knowing what to do I replied to his sight.

I think I got carried away by the “Momento” right? I sure hope so.

I have my new Oscar the grouch T-shirt, Woo hoo! And you know what it says?


So if my boss comes to me and asks me about his freaking shocks I will tell him…



Jenn said...

OH Yoli girl that was just sweet, being in love is a nice thing, just go with it girl!

Tricia said...

I'm so glad you're giddy... uh... giddy up
Dammit Jenn... now I've cowboys on my mind!

I'm so sorry I forgot to add your link on my page, I'm sure Jenn would agree that you belong under the Grrrl Power link!

I'll take care of that pronto!
Big Hug

Justin said...


Anonymous said...

This is simply an opinion: When you're in love, it's like a freight train full of feather dusters. I just slams into you with all the mirth in the world. I've never settled, either been alone, in love or had my hand on the back-door knob.

But hey, that's just me.
Todd Vodka
( I admire your strength in resisting the temptation to link me)

toron said...

Personally, I think people in love should not try to hide how they really feel for each other. I call my husband "baby" even in public, and he has been doing the same thing and breaking the barriers of society's frown on public display of affection. It creates a closeness you don't get from just plain boyfriends and lovers.

Wendy said...

Yoli, I'm so glad you got your shirt, YAAAYYY!!!
Now, about being in love...yes, it's extremely real that you could spend years with someone without having that spark until one day....BAM! Ah, what a sweet feeling. Revel in it, girl! As for PDAs...don't care what other people think. If you want to sing to your man, sing! It's a beautiful feeling...go with it!! Live in the moment!
That's just my motherly advice. =)

boo said...

yoli... loved up?... it seems hard to imagine... yet... also hiliarious... i like it... let yourself go... more often.... who knows where it might lead you... hell i might even follow after you.... being loved up... is fun fun fun... and i LOVE oscar... i want that t-shirt... does it have him in his garbage can?...

Yoli said...

I just can't. It aint me! Though I'll try one day to be like a sticky lolly pop and see what happens, I think knowing myself I'll get tired of it ha!. I saw one cowboy yesterday and it reminded me of you hehe :)

See Tricia? Jenn has influence over us


I'm soooo sorry, I just linked you to me, now, we're "unlikable"...if that's a real word. haha

And you're right about your comment, that's the reason I don't let go. I'm just waiting for the moment to feel my nose hit by a door. bleah!

My boyfriend and I call each other "Baby" it's so ridiculous but what can we do right? He's learning to show his feelings in public, before he could not even say baby infront of everybody how shameful.

My T-shirt is faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!! I love it yeah.
I wished I could feel the spark without feeling I'm doing wrong, oh well, I'll just wait for another knock in my head.

The T-shirt has Oscar in the trash can and it's so cute. You should get one of those.
Hey you and I are one specie we cannot let it dissapear so quickly, so keep it up there girl. We should not fall for those who donnot deserve us...NEVER!!!!!

Sloth said...

Lucky lucky lucky Yoli! Just enjoy it! Cherish it! Never been in love myself. Holding out hope! You give me even more hope!