Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Nope, Internet was down and that is a waste of time…

I was not on vacation but my boss was for a whole week, and that meant I could have even more time to blog around and just act silly right?… Wrong!

I had more work than I could ever imagine, we added 7 more new reports to my report list, which means 8 hours of data entry… that really stinks!

In the mean time my boss was on vacation the internet decided to take a few days off by itself too, it was hard, there was no internet, no internet radio, no internet jokes, no internet pointers, no fun at all. Life without internet really is bad and boring, so I had nothing else to do but to get ahead with my work and I finished, today, and today my boss is back from vacation, which means no vacation for Yoli either. Bleah!

Yesterday something weird and spooky happened; I’m searching for a small apartment for my parents who are moving back to my town after 2 years of being in the south, of course I still have 2 months more to look for it but my house is so full of home junk I can no longer fit in there so I have to start looking right away before I can no longer sleep in my own home.

So there I was “apartment browsing” and well I did not find much of what I was looking for except for one apartment that is right half a block away from my apartment, the only thing is the stairs are really weird, they’re so small and so high that with my big feet I think I will fall down the stairs one of those days and I think my parents will too if they don’t watch it. But anyhow I think I’m getting that one. Ok but now I am out of the subject here; I was browsing around and I saw this building that didn’t look so bad from the outside so I thought it would not look bad from the inside right? So I called right in and they told me just what I wanted to hear, so I asked if I could go there and take a look at it and the woman accepted to I just got off my car and went to inside the building.

There I found at the first level one big door/fence or what ever you want to call that door covered in a shower curtain…odd. After standing outside that door for around 2 minutes one man looking like one of those creepy scary movie serial killers crossed eye and big eye balls like they were going to pop out of his face, one tooth hanging from his mouth, I think the end of the root was holding the tooth because it looked like if someone blown some air in there the tooth would fall out. The appearance of the old man looked very scary and at that moment I wanted to run away and undo the mental image in my head but I had no other choice but to stay there and just wait until everything ended. Good thing the apartment looked as horrible as the owner, it was so dirty and so claustrophobic that as soon as I got out of there I went home, took a shower and sanitized myself with lots and lots and lots of dial.

Good thing the nightmare is over, I am never going over there again.

So the big news right now around the company is … President Fox was going to be here for the Inauguration of the building….ha ha! They changed the date maybe 10 times or more until finally it was decided that June 29 would be the day, because President Fox said it would be better before his birthday (that’s what people say). Today in the morning meeting a very reliable source from my company said that he was not coming anymore (duh) anybody who believes in Santa Claus (and I think it was everybody her) would really believe the President of Mexico would come….That made me laugh. Oh well.

I feel sorry for the “Parrots Upstairs” because they went to have their hair fixed, and bought new clothes in the most expensive shopping malls in San Diego and all just to get the notice that the replacement for the Grand Opening will be our beer belly Governor (and that…is a maybe)

Happy Humpday!


Jenn said...

I have missed your girl! Glad all in "normal" in your life! Damn the internet anyway, don't they know people are waiting to here from you!

Yoli said...

LOL Jenn,
I was thinking the other way around. How can there be no internet when I am waiting to read for all of my blogfriends? That is torture!!!!

Inanna said...

Missed ya Yoli.. sucks about the "vacation". Keep 'em coming.

ilumpo said...

ha-ha! the PRESIDENT of Mexico! yeah! right! But you could show up with a bottle of "Presidente" to that reunion... he-he!

(p.s. Presidente is an inexpensive liquor bottle made in Mexico.)

Monkey said...

That man - the man that showed you the apartment - that IS creepy! Yikes girl - I'm surprised you didn't RUN!!! Run Forrest - RUN!!!!

Wendy said...

Yoli, just hearing you describe that freakishness is enough to give someone nightmares, that sounds so nasty...EWWWW!!!!!!!
I think your boss must have told someone in the IT department to undo the internet when he was gone. It was a plot to make you miserable, I'll bet.
So glad you're back...I missed you!!

Yoli said...

Yo! You gave me a great idea woman! I'll show up with the Presidente bottle and put some boots in the bottom just so they don't miss it haha! That is hilarious.

I was so scared my pants fell down, undo!! undo!!

sometimes I don't know what to think about my boss're right!