Monday, June 28, 2004

Nutter Industries!

That should be the name of my company…

I have a window next to my desk where I can see everything in the production floor and they are setting up a big stage for the biggest event ever in the History of this Company. As if Disneyland was having its grand opening celebration or as if a new kind of amusement park was to be opened; that’s exactly how everything is being packed and ready to go.

Now this is what we in our Mexican culture would call “Naco”; a “Naco” for the people who have never heard of the word before is an expression for the people who like to show off a lot with lots and lots of bad taste in everything; for example, we would call a “Naco” anybody or anything that would have the Mexican football team posted in the bedroom, car, house, T-shirt, etc. etc. etc. Or we would call “Naco” those who have their 15 Year Party (equal to the Sweet 16 Party) and the girl would wear a huge pumped dress with lots and lots and lots of ribbons and the dress would have to look like one of the “Three Princess” from the Disney Cartoons…get the picture?… Good.

Well that’s what this company is “Naco” the worst “Naco” company I’ve ever worked for in my whole life. I’m embarrassed.

But, I would not be called a “Naca” if I wanted an “Oscar the Grouch” T-shirt right? I love Oscar the Grouch and I want my smelly green T-shirt. I’m getting out of the subject now…well, the thing is, tomorrow, the grand opening of the company at the luxurious Hotel in Rosarito Beach and lots and lots of Fireworks and Mexican food for lunch and at the end there will be a dance.

I am not going….buncha Nacooos!

But from where is that coming from? Oh I was wondering but last Friday I new where the idea came from. The Vice Prisident, yep, the Vice President of the Company is a “Naco”, he’s from Peru, and the whole company has the idea of a Peru style Country House but with no taste what so ever, I don’t have anything against Peru, but this guy’s taste is way our of wack! On Friday, the Vice President bought a lot of Pre-Hispanic figurines from Peru, including a wooded crocodile which measured 1 feet and 30 inches long; and the thing that had to give it the last hit of “Naconess” was a “Poncho” which will be exhibited in the lunch room….Somebody shoot me!

Excuse me Mr. Vice President, can I borrow your Poncho? My feet are cold.


Monkey said...

A Poncho to display in the lunch room? As in like a poncho one wears when it's raining?

Wendy said...

Yoli, I say you get that Oscar the Grouch shirt and you wear it with pride, girl!!!

Jenn said...

Thanks Yoli for making me laugh. I needed that a lot!

Yoli said...

That's the one I am talking about but with Peru thingies all over it.

I am getting me that T-shirt and gonna wear it at the event...woo hoo!!!

It's always my pleasure! :)

Shara said...

I'm trying to understand how a poncho fits in with decorating...I'm scratching my head on that one! "Naco" I like that!

Yoli said...

LOL Shara,

I'm still scratching my head with the whole thing.

ilumpo said...

pf! a poncho!!!

oh well, I have a friend that has his line of T-Shirts with the Brand Name NACO, yeap, you heard right! That's the hole theme! I wanted one pink T-shift that says 'Fresa' with a lovely font of course! ;)

take a look: