Friday, June 25, 2004

It’s Friday already….It’s Friday Already!!!

What’ma gonna do when I get outta there?... I’m gonna have some…SLEEP…

It’s been a hard week for sure. I can barely open my eyes, they really need some rest away from the computer, the more days pass by the more blur appears in my sight and this time is not dirt on my glasses, or a splat of toothpaste or guacamole, nope! I checked them many times and they are sparkling clean, I’m just tired, so tired that when I close my eyes I feel I’m going to bang my head on the keyboard, that’s how tired I am.

Finally I found the perfect apartment for my parents so I don’t have to worry about “apartment browsing” and having to talk to “Igor’s” around….Aahh!! Mental Image.

My boss came back with a killer flu, just looking at him sniffing and coughing made me feel sick, I was coughing too and feel funny in my throat. In short, this week was not pink with flowers as I thought it would be. Hope next week gets better. As soon as I get home I have to start cleaning my joint, it’s junky, it’s messy and I killed two ugly spiders with one complete bottle of bug spray and still the damn bugs would not die. That means, deep clean needs to be done….today, tomorrow I can’t, I have to wake up early ‘cause we are going to get some furniture in one place called the “Salvation Army” for my sisters in law who have their brand new “mouse house” and I think a mouse house is bigger. Let’s see if I find something nice for myself.

By the way, after 25 years of being told by my parents that when I go to a stranger’s home and they offer me food I don’t like I have too eat it all anyway; my dad told me last Sunday there are few exceptions to pass if the food looks really, really nasty…Thanks Dad, I almost die of food poisoning and after that you tell me this?

Ok here’s the story:

Last week my b/f and I went to buy some things for my sisters in law they needed for their new home and when we finished I was starving, we didn’t eat anything since 8 am, and it was already 5:30 pm when we got to the sisters house. I didn’t want to eat there because their food is weird, is not the typical kind of food some of us are used to, they’re foreigners so their cooking is a lot different. So one sister in law asked me if we had our lunch and I said no, she was worried for a second but then she sent her son to get the leftover food they left in the other house. When they came back with the food I could not believe my eyes; one big bowl of fried rice and one full bowl of something that looks like tomato soup with meat, fried onions and something in between a squash and cactus (it’s hard to describe) and lots and lots and lots of grease, from all the dishes that one I hate the most, but what could I do? I was in a stranger’s house and they were serving a dish I puke every time I see it. Well, I kind if distracted everybody while I was eating the fried rice slowly, very slowly, so slowly everybody in the house asked what was wrong…me and my green puking face said “Nothing” so they said, well then eat some more and they got the bowl of “soup” closer to my hands, ok, at that point I could not say no, so I had to take one spoon of “that something” and put it in the rice so I can cover up the taste, but still the taste would not go away. I was about to throw up the whole bite in front of the nephew but I just swallowed the whole thing at once, with no water by my side, I just had to hold my breath for a few “minutes” so the nausea would go away; It was a nightmare.


If you are one of those parents who force your kids to eat the whole dish when they go to a strangers house please tell them the “exceptions” in life, you don’t want them to be traumatized…like me.

Happy Weekend!


Wendy said...


If you are the type to insist on serving food to guests in your home, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO MAKE NORMAL FOOD!!! Stop trying to give Yoli food poisoning!!!!

Come to my house. I'll serve you something decent, I promise.

Yoli said...

Aw Gee thanks Momlady!
You're so nice! :)

Wendy said...

No problem Yoli, just being a mom. Speaking of...since they are your sisters in law, do you think your mom would consider talking to them about their scary food? Just a enjoy the weekend and SLEEP!!! =)

ilumpo said...

ah... should have said something like: ah! no thank you, I just ate, but I am in a mood for an iced latte, be right back, ok? tacos! ;)

have a nice weekend sweetie***

Shara said...

I hope you had a nice weekend.

Yoli said...

That would be a great idea, but my mom doesn't speak english nor my sisters in law spanish or english, each speak their own language. I think I should kick my boyfriend's *ss for letting me eat that weird food.

I wished there were tacos around but there weren't any but Taco Bell...yuck I hate taco bell!

I had a good weekend, but still I need some sleep! bleah! Thank you :)