Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I am....Wonder Woman!


Ok, Maybe I exagerated a little when I said that it was fun to find a place where all the little Yolis working along together in peace…NOT !

I found out there are other kinds of Yolis working here, and these are the kind of Yolis Yoli don’t like to play with. These are the evil Yoli’s, the Yoli nobody would like to have as a friend.

This is the advertisement for my work.

“If you’re feeling depressed, fat, ugly, with no education, low self steem, come work at Yoli’s work, here at our facilities we have the most qualified people to make you feel even worse than what you’e feeling now; our specialized personnel have a way of saying things that if you are fat…well…you were, we can make you bulimic or anorexic, just join us at lunch break…and you’ll see the difference within minutes!”

We have a group of about 10 women who just love to eat each other and competing of who makes more time working out at the Gym and who irons less and who has the best cleaning lady and so on. Yoli just listens to the rest of the evil Yolis because she has nothing else to do. So I’m thinking to myself, “Man! I must be a wonder woman…why?”

1. I work
2. I clean the house
3. I cook for me and my bf
4. I do our laundry
5. I wash dishes
6. I iron clothes
7. I do the house payments, etc, etc.

Wow, I must not be the wonder woman…forgot to mention the gym! Oh my god! I’m not a super woman anymore…I’m not perfect because I don’t go to the gym…ok, Yoli should now shut up and just listen at the latest deals the gym has to offer and what is the new hot thing after pilates, and yoga and spinning and tae bo? For that I am speechless!

So maybe after reminiscing a few minutes and saying to myself “Yoli, you should be ashamed of yourself, you’re a fat chick who’s too damn lazy to go to the gym when you have loads of time to do it!”

But then again, after thinking and re arranging my schedule once again I said to myself “ Ok Yoli, if you want to go to the Gym you gotta give up something and to give up something that means you have to hire someone to take care of the something you just gave up to which means spend double your money…oh oh!”

Wait a minute! While I was listening to those evil Yolis I see those evil Yolis just going home, taking off their clothes and head off the gym like good’ol working women, (of course none of them have kids) and they say they don’t have time for anything but they do have time for a 3 hour session of gym…Heck! In 3 hours I can do a lot in my house and I would not spend money, hey! Cleaning up the house is a great effort and causes you to move some muscles, so why not make it an exercise to clean up your damn house and stop whining that you have to pay the cleaning lady cause you don’t have time for anything, not even for your husband? Pleeeaasseeee! Lazy Ass Women!! They don’t deserved to be called Yolis so I am taking off their titles as of today….they will be lowered as the “Parrots upstairs”.

So as I was saying before, I was reminiscing and thought, I might not be a wonder woman but I do make wonders in other isssues!! Hehe

I am a fatty chick but I don’t care, my man loves me that way, and he appreciates my cooking, my cleaning and his downy smelling laundry….

Maybe in another life, I’ll try to go to the gym..but not in this one nah ha! I’m enjoying my life as I only have one!

Woo hoo! I have more me time now starting today…I spoke to my boss and said I needed to change my working hours from 7 to 5 buy he said, ok, neither you or me, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm…I said, ok….but still in the next few months I will ask for another change, and that will be from 7 to 5… more! So today I am heading off “early” at 5:30 pm, 30 minutes is 30 minutes, you can do lots of things in 30 minutes.

If you haven’t noticed I am living by the time here…

Woo hoo!


Crayon said...

boy do i know that feeling. I have a FOUR YEAR gym membership that I have proceeded to use only about 20 times in the past three and a half. It runs out in August!!!

And I have so many "parrots upstairs" its not even funny. It's like a zoo, heheheh.

- Miss Crayon

Wendy said...

Yoli...I am laughing so hard!! I'm glad your man is smart enough to love you like you are. Between the work you do at home and fun with your man you get plenty of exercise. Who needs the gym?!?

Justin said...

Working out is fun though.

Seeker said...

You gave me my laugh for the day! Evil Yoli's ...still chuckling......


Yoli said...

Miss Crayon,
Oh now that is so bad! I mean, wasting all that 4 year membership and you just went there 20 times? Anyhow, maybe in the next membership you'll be able to go more often...or maybe not...hey walking from your work to your home like you did before is good exersising, I would work for that!

Mom Lady,
Hell yeah you're so right! Yoli don't need no more workout after coming back from work. Yoli got lots of things to do till midhnight! *wink wink*

It's not fun to workout at a gym if you have a microscope carrying with you, there lots of germs and bacteria y lots of ther little creatures you don't want to mess around with. yuck!

NIce to know I took out a laugh out of you....Welcome to the Egg Yol!

Jenn said...

I am coming to apply, together we will make them pay! Like I would put my fat butt in a gym, with little tiny skinny women! I don't think so! I hate them Yoli, we should revolt, but I love you!

Justin said...

I laugh in the face of bacteria.

Yoli said...

You're great! Let's all of us women with extra meat invocate a war against skinnyness....or what ever!
LOva ya too! :)

ilumpo said...


what can I say? I have free time and no money to pay the gym! Hope I can continue with the Salsa Classes! I still have my shoes! And I still have the extra pounds! ;)

And don't pay attention to those stuck-ups! Reality is that you can't find another Sister like me! ha-ha! But it's quite sad that nobody else there is interested in anything else but themselfs.. really sad..!

Oh well, for me there is only one Yolis!
Take care Sis!

Prestbury said...

There are lots of evil yolis out there but luckily you're not one of them!

Me said...

There are never enough hours in the day are there?

I work in units of time. I like having my routine and sticking to it. If anything comes along that does not fit. I either don't do it... or get quite annoyed about having to do it.

The gym thing does cost too much money. But I wanted to keep fit and get some muscle. So I bought a multi gym. Still dont have time to use it.

But I feel better having it there!

. said...

Of course, you're a wonder woman.
All the best.
Grave digger

boo said...

hey yoli.... wonder woman... damn straight u r!... and well done for working ur boss over... all good... ah how i have missed u... (i was away... in case ur wondering why!)

Jenn said...

I miss you! YOu need to get a new computer at home, you are having to actually work at work, and I fear this is interfearing with your blog time! I MISS YOU.

Yoli said...

I'm only an evil Yoli when Yoli gets mad, but any other day I am a happy Yoli :)

You know me girl!!

I have to agree with you, though I hate over time! yuck!

I know you were out, I missed you too, hope you had fun while you were away, Thanks for stopping by :)

The computer is on my next shopping list, this work is taking too much of my blogging time and this is not fair...I need to distract and entertain, this is not fair at all, how could this company do this to me!!??

I missed all of you guys!!!!!
Boo hoo! :)