Friday, June 04, 2004

Friday Quickie!

Alright, here’s the deal…You give me more space and I’ll come to work earlier….

This is my thought every morning when I look at my boss, too bad I'm still new here and I can't say anything...yet. I have a 1” by 1” size desk and I can’t do anything because everything is lost between all those papers I have around me and it takes me more time looking for the report I was about work on before someone came to me and gave me a bunch of more paper to work on, so what was I working on again??

Says me: What can I do to rearrange this mess?

Inner self says: “get rid of the stuffed animals you have there and you'll have more room.”

Says me: Nooo I can’t do that, they’re my babies, I can’t get rid of my stuffed animals, I can’t work without them!

Inner self says: But look at this place, your desk looks more like a kinder garden than an office desk!

Says me: That’s what is all about, I’m supposed to play with my toys when I get nervous.

And really that’s what I do.

My desk is mostly filled with stuffed animals consisting in two pink haired mini trolls, three crystal cats, two turtles that move their head when there’s motion, one kitty cat, one moose and a big Tigger, plus lots and lots of papers, and paper clips, and more papers, and papers, and papers, and papers….

I’m starting to see double ‘cause the computer is right in front of me and then, my boss comes and sits on my desk with more of his papers ‘cause his desk is full of papers and has nowhere else to sit….Bleah!

Ooooh but today I won’t complain, today was one of the happiest Fridays of my life, yep, we had “Carne Asada” or what in America is called a barbecue, all this to say thanks to all of the people who worked hard since the company started operations so they gave us 2 full hours of eating…and eating and eating some more…aaahhh I’m full, so full I can’t even work, so full I can’t even walk…so full I can’t even think and so full that if I open my mouth one taquito will get out of there…..yikes!

Happy weekend everyone!


Monkey said...

I can relate - I had many many toys on my desk also - slinkys, rubber balls, you name it - but they're not JUST for me - others would come and sit at my desk to chat and play with them too!

I'm glad you had such a nice Friday - that does sound nice!

Have a great weekend!

Justin said...

I've got a computer. What more do you need?

Well, also I've got, let's see, a souvenier from Hawaii that my grandma brought back, a shitload of trash paper, and oh yeah, the three foot high foam rubber Snotzilla. I made him, and glued on a bunch of green plastic to his face so he looks like he's got a really bad cold. And his fanged orange tongue hangin' out. Bit of a departure from Godzilla.

Jenn said...

Didn't get to finish reading this yesterday. I am so glad you had a good day. My desk is filled with toys also, but no one of them is mine.

Me said...

I like bbq's. Although I never seem to be able to finish everything that I pile on my plate. To be fair I am pretty thin so I probably have a small belly!

Still.... Nothing like grilled chicken!

Wendy said...

I can remember jobs where they wouldn't let me put anything "personal" on my desk. YUCK!!! You're right, you NEED those things because life is about a whole lot more than work, right?
Hope you've been having a great weekend! =)

Vadergrrrl said...

Toys on your desk are a MUST. As a crazy ass collector I always have toys on my desk (and anywhere else I can put them). Currently I have Mulder from X-files on my computer, and the Tick. I also like to have a bounty hunter from Star Wars around to ward off evil co-workers. This week I will have Dengar.

Yoli said...

My moose is the most of the molested toys, everybody comes and pet it... I am sure not touching it anymore until I soak it in lysol...he

If you are selling that Snotzilla I'll buy it, I want it! I need it..I desire it!!!!

You should have your own toys to play with, it's so much fun!!

Yoli said...

You should not put too much things on your dish if you're not eating're leaving the rest of the people without leftovers! how could you?

Of course toys are a must, when ever I have an issue I always have to look at one of them just to remind my own face looks like one of the stuffed animals..he

Thanks all for your nice wishes....Hope you had a great weekend too!

Jenn said...

I would get my own toys, but there is not room for them with everyone elses scattered about! I play with theirs though.