Monday, June 14, 2004

Alrighty then!

Think last weekend was not productive? Well for me it was…

Ok let’s get down to business here. In case you were wondering where I’ve been….I’ve been working, yeah! Working, not just “at work” like my other crappy joint, but working with all the word “Work” means, damn, now I am complaining about work, that’s pathetic, how we humans are never satisfied, that sucks!

But life never sucks when Friday night is at full bloom….oh my goodness! Yeah for that I can’t complain, I woke up refreshed and ready to shop, shop, shop, and hell did I shop!

Have you ever felt pain from shopping? No, not that kind of pain when you open your credit balance at the end of the month and is so high you feel pain in your brain and you wish you were dead. I mean the kind of pain you feel in your arm for carrying so much clothes around for so many hours ‘cause you’ve been picking up the whole store…yeah I mean that kind of pain, the happy pain, the pain you can bare when you still have your cramped arms and feet for walking too much. The happy pain when is Monday and you can’t even hold your pen and you remember, “Oh, I went shopping over the weekend” yeah that’s the pain I’m talking about. Isn’t that great?

Finally I went shopping on Saturday, all by myself, with no boyfriend to keep looking at me funny at the clothes/color/model I pick, or being rushed by some friend or family member and keep looking at their face hoping they don’t get nervous or angry ‘cause they’ve been with you all morning and you still haven’t decided which color of blouse to take and at the very end you en up picking up both or leaving both and choosing another one. That for me is being in Paradise. So after too much shopping for over 4 hours I was exhausted but happy, thought I didn’t find any shoes I liked but still I was happy. Can’t complain, won’t complain and I’ll keep myself happy for the rest of the week (Now I just need to put that note in front of my monitor so I don’t get al grumpy…too late)

Sunday you ask? Oh it couldn’t be better; washed clothes, made breakfast…but I didn’t make any lunch or dinner, and…I didn’t wash any dishes…hurray for me!!!

Ok, Monday, Monday? Don’t ask. Been busy all morning, with lots and lots of reports to finish, I’m 1 hour away to go and I’m still not finished with the urgent parts; Aaaggghhh!!

But hey! It’s Friday afternoon, almost time to go and the week is almost done….just 4 more days, please hold 4 more days!

By the way, my butt is getting so flat just by sitting in this chair all morning…now that, really sucks!



Jenn said...

I miss you! I look forward to when you can make a post! I was laughing so hard, you are to funny. I like to shop by myself! I hate shopping for clothes though.

Crayon said...

hey Yoli, glad you had a good weekend this week! Looks like an improvement on your last weekend! *chuckle*

Anyway, I can totally understand how you feel about going shopping. I too have to leave the boyfriend at home to go shopping, I just cant do it otherwise. He doesnt like any of my ideas of fashion.

Lets just say I am very very....original.

ilumpo said...

hi ::

nice that you went out shopping! my saturday was a sunday, and my sunday was just blah! but i know what it feels like going shopping with you! ha-ha!


Yoli said...


I miss you too, hope I can get everything done quickly so I can have some more time for blogging :). I am going to be free for 5 days woo hooo! my boss is going on vacation.

That's what I'm talking about, better to be alone shopping with no hurry otherwise we would be picking up the wrong set of clothes.

Next time I'll call you and we can go shopping alright?