Friday, May 28, 2004

Yep, it's friday alright!

Oh the happiness of having a day off makes this cold rushed day a beautiful day...

Alarm No. 1 went on at 4:30 am and I thought it was alarm No. 2 so I got out of bed in one jump and about to rush to the bathroom to take my shower I remembered alarm No. 2 had not yet rang besides the fact that it was still dark...I scared away my sleep but I got to get to sleep 5 minutes before my alarm turned on...


At alarm No. 2 I thought we were already on saturday morning so I kept looking at my alarm clock and asking myself..."what day is it today? Yesterday was wednesday? or was it thursday? isn't it friday already?" (took me 5 minutes to realize it was still a working day and I had to take my tooshie on the shower). Well now that I knew it was Friday I was happy; knowing it would be my last day of work made me feel new and young again, until I saw the time and it was 20 minutes before 8...I was running late.

Well actually I could not run at all because everybody else decided they were running late also, so the traffic became unberable; despite the fact that there wre 2 old cars and 2 old vans infront of me and they didn't let me go ahead..."Yo' the guy with the old van!..oh...sorry ma'am...the one with the old van..MOOOOVEE IT!!! Someone has to go to work today and it's ME!" (Of course the woman could not listen to me because I had my windows down and she was 3 cars ahead of hoo). So thanks to the lady with the old van I was 15 minutes late, which means I have to leave 15 minutes later after work...yuck!

But thank the omnipresent I'm at work, blogging while I get some rest before I start digging the reports I have due for...right now...but hey! It's friday, my boss is not here yet and will come back until one hour from now, there's no rush is it? ...Nah!

I've been eating by myself again, something happened after one girl in administration resigned last tuesday that now everybody goes everywhere except the lunch room. Oh well, it doesn't matter, I still have my book to read (damn book, it has me hooked I tell ya' hooked!), but not today, I'm going out for lunch with one of my friends who works at the building right next to mine, this is so cool.

I haven't described my new goes a little something like this:

It's a big building with lots and lots of trees, (yep, I am buying my very own bug spray because I can tell there will be a lot of spiders here), palm trees, all kinds of trees, it's not all done yet but it's half way completed. It has one big cascade infront of front desk but still is not working yet because is not yet completed either...well actually the building is not yet finished, it still has some things that need to be done. I told you that my building is like a maze, now I don't get lost, Yeah I know where all those little doors go to, now I know that the second door from the main door to the left is the ladies room, (cause twice I got into the mens room and once to the janitors room...that's embarassing).

The production offices are inside the production area, mine is the main production office where the printers, faxes and copiers are, there are two empty cubicles and I'm the only one without one (I knew this would happen), I have 3 doors, one in the front of my desk, one in the back of my desk and one beside my desk, and one BIG window right next to my computer, so there's no where to hide myself, oh and I forgot the camera that I have right across the production area that keeps looking at me funny, well, I don't know if it's looking at me funny or not but I feel is looking at me funny.

So there you have it folks, I should have eyes like those little animals that change color and move their eyes in different directions one from the other and I should have a mirror, and one big blind next to my window, cause if I move my monitor in any side, you can still look at it, where has all my privacy gone???

But it doesn't matter you know, most of the time I have my boss sitting next to me telling me how to do these reports and where to look at if there is a problem and all that sort of stuff, I'm learning new things in here which keep me entertained all day, and I love the fact that I don't have a minute even to breathe, oh that is so exciting! (I'm serious, I'm not being sarcastic)

I can't wait to have all my place settled and everything in order to then go where the action is, the production area. We make water sprinklers here so they have to be tested and run a 100% before they are sent to the customer and guess with what do they have to be tested?...Yes! with water, there are 6 water testers and lots and lots of sprinklers to test...I want to test water sprinklers!!!


Marcelo Rebola Sousa said...

Oi pessoal. Não entendem a minha lingua não é? Sou português, Figo, Rui Costa, conhecem-nos? Pois eu sou da terra deles. Apareçam no meu blog.

Jenn said...

You sound like my kids now. MOM can we play in the water, mom turn the sprinkler on! You always brighten my day!

Yoli said...

I can't help it, actually I can hardly wait to go over there and assemble some parts they look so neat! he.
People have always told me that I am like a big kid...and I still wonder why they say that...

Prestbury said...

That was a brilliant post! Really funny! Your getting up process sounds complicated what with alarm no. 1 and alarm no. 2. Maybe you could skip your morning showers and test the sprinklers in the production area and get a shower that way instead - if there aren't cameras monitoring you of course!
Best wishes.

Me said...

Water sprinklers are cool. Literally! I want some!!!!

Glad your having fun Yoli

Justin said...

What's the book's title?

Wendy said...

I can totally relate to the alarm system. I have two alarm clocks that each have two alarms on them...also I have the clocks set about 13 minutes fast so when I wake up it says it's later than it really is....but I still run late in the morning.
Don't you hate waking up thinking it's the weekend, and then realize you have to go to work?? It's one of the top ten worst feelings.
Hope you're enjoying the weekend, now that it really is heer!

ilumpo said...


Well, today is Monday and since I know you like to be a bussy-bee at work, I know that you are quite happy there... however, PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE don't start eating alone again, what happened to all the Yolis there??? (your eating with Juanita? cool!) well, anyways, GOOD THING you start your day blogging!!!

p.s. I miss having a real job! LOL, Sis*

Yoli said...

The name of the book is "to the limit" and it's british written by a british rookie...I dunno...but it has me hooked I tell ya...hoooked.

actually we do have showers but yes you're right, I prefer the water sprinklers. One of the things we have the most in here is water, we have two water fountains, lots and lots of toilets and more water testers. So, in case you ran out of water in your home, we have plenty to give..yeah!

You're so right, I have my clock with 5 minutes in advance that way I can scare myself every time I look at the time ha!..

All Yoli's look like they are really not Yoli's, I'm getting scared, it started looking like Thomson over here...aaahhh but with alot more water...ha!

thank you for stoping by, it's been long time :)
Also thanks for your nice wishes! tee hee