Monday, May 03, 2004

Why do people ask me things I don't know Part #2

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As I said, this would continue, well it did.

H.R. Monkey (On the phone): Office Moneky X told me you gave me a D/L request, I don't remember you giving me any request. (Note the change of story)

Me: No I didn't.

H.R. Monkey (On the phone): Ok, thanks, bye.

1 minute later Ops. Mgr. Monkey calls me on the phone

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Yoli, Office Monkey X gave you 2 D/L requests for signature (note the change of quantity of requests, before it was just one, now there are two) what happened to them?

Me: Repeated story of what I did with the request.

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Well where are they?

Me: I remember there was only one request, and no I don't know where it is.

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Well yeah whatever, your boss still has it?

Me: I don't know

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Did he keep it with him? Maybe is in his office

Me: No he did not keep it, he took it directly to H.R. and no is not in his office, I went inside and there were no such documents.

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Well but then he has it.

Me: I don't know

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Then he kept it

Me (about to explode): Probably... maybe... might be... it could be a guess...can't say he did...I don't know.

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Ok, (hangs up the phone)

Still I'm sure, this is not the end...

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