Tuesday, May 04, 2004

This is not Yoli, it is just an image!

I’m here but let’s pretend as if I’m not ok?…

The Real Deal:
Uh! No, you’re gonna have to do that by your own. Sorry, I am just here to answer questions for the rest of the week. I have officially blocked my brain, myself, and everything in regards to me inside this crappy joint. Alright! What? You’re saying I can’t do that? Hey! I tried yesterday and talk to H.R. Monkey to see what the heck is up with my replacement ‘cause it’s been a week and a half and I don’t see any girl for interview here! Or maybe give the girl in front desk a chance to change position so that we can help each other, as a team. Oh! I forgot this ass doesn’t know what the work team means because he is a Mooonkey just like the rest of the monkeys who work in this zoo. So now don’t come to me and tell me I can’t say no to you! Hell yes I can! Look! NO!
Now get the hell out of my face!

Image inside Yoli’s brain (so she doesn’t get sick from stress):
Oops! I came to work and I (intentionally) forgot to bring my brain with me, how silly of me! Sorry I left it at home. What? Oh no! I can’t go back home and get it because then I will loose my parking spot and this parking spot is so perfect, I can see my car right where it is in a corner across the street where all the big trucks can hit it with their big heavy wheels or some junky can steel it without anybody looking. No, no, no. I really can’t. Maybe tomorrow if I don’t forget I’ll bring it ok?
Bu bye!


I know this is a complot!

I spent 7 miserable months coming and going with bottle waters, cookies, food, drinks, visits, worrying about who will pick up the visits and things that matter “transportation” without getting any gas expenses back and now that I’m leaving, H.R. Monkey has hired a driver.


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