Monday, May 24, 2004

A Quick Quickie!

No time for anything...I'm going to explode...

I really can't complain, this is what I always dreamed of though but I think this is too much! Hell! I've been working over time since day 1, this can't be good...can it?

Ok so my best friend got angry at me (as I suspected) but everything is back to normal, she read my post and she commented, I haven't read it yet but I think is something baaad, oh well!

Got up early at 6:30 am on Saturday (thing I never thought on doing before) and did all my chores, washed laundry, cleaned house, went to car wash and changed the oil in my car and after that I invited my best friend for breakfast and it was faaabulous! we went around from one little store to another, got me some nice things and at the end of the day I could not feel my feet anymore; doesn't that feel great! After walkign for mover 8 hours straight without sitting down and after buying great bargains. In deed I was happy!

Sunday was good too though, my boyfriend fixed my closet and my night stand cause it was falling apart. My dad fixed it some time ago with lots of duck tape but after 2 years the glue in the duck didn't do much. My boyfriend was laughin about it, so I said "Hey! that's my dad's master piece don't say that". At night we went to see the movie "Troy", highly recommended. Brad Pitt is a hottie!

Now I have to get back to work, I didn't want to let the blog die just like that, oh no! Yoli got lots to say during the week, maybe not every day but sure I'll accumulate it and write it down on a pice of toilet paper, or a napkin or a dirty newspaper or what ever I find and then I'll post it here. When ever I find the time...cause now, I don't have time...I NEED SOME TIME!!!!!


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