Tuesday, May 25, 2004

No blogging at home?

You gotta be kidding me…

Since Blogger changed it’s new image I can no longer check blogs from home. This is not nice or pretty or sane.

Yesterday I spent over 1 hour trying to see anything that would look like a blog. Looks like the blogger system doesn’t like me or my computer ‘cause it kept spitting me out of the internet and I had to reboot my computer 3 times (it could have been more but I just gave up at 3).

So there you have it folks, my computer stinks! It can’t hold a little bit of loads because it starts to freak out like a crazy old woman. My computer is much more complicated than its owner (me).

But before that…

I turn on my computer and I found a strange icon with the title “Instant access” I thought this was not in my computer the last time I logged in. I’m not the only one that uses the computer, my boyfriend does it too but I have told him to never download any programs from the internet unless I see what it is (my boyfriend doesn’t know much about computers) and it looks like he didn’t listen to me. Despite the fact that the program was downloaded as soon as I try to log into the internet a login window pops on to me with the title “hot babes instant login” AAHH! Now that’s what is all about! Not only that, but it had an automatic telephone bill charge as soon as you log into the “hot babes” page so even if you don’t what the darn thing you still be charged 1.50 USD a minute…I was about the burst into anger here. I mean I don’t care if my boyfriend looks at porn sites, all men do that, my dad used to do that and I found over 400 pics of naked lesbos, teens and other stuff so I believe is natural, but what I do care for are the freakin viruses that come along those sites. Hell if I had a virus (whick I think I do, maybe that’s why I can’t log into blogger anymore…I didn’t thought of that) my computer will die for sure, it’s so old and sensitive. I tried to take uninstall the program and guess what? I had to download the uninstall program…I don’t think so, I wanted to do it the right way but that meant to go into that “hot babes” page and get the unsuscribe thingy so I just went into the downloaded programs and deleted the folder; still that didn’t solve my blogger problem. So I search on the cookies and I found the temporary internet files…Oh my goodness!! It was worst than looking under my bed I had over 10,000 temporary internet files with lots and lots and lots of cookies…

Well, the end of it was not pretty at all, I was planning to log into the internet while the meatloaf was done but instead of that I ended up cleaning my computer from “hot babes” and other weird pages I found.

Oh well…guess I’ll have to check the blogs from work, in one way or another, I’ll do it!!! NOBODY IS STOPPING ME!

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