Sunday, May 09, 2004

The Next Episode!

It was my last day of work and my former boss made a move on me...

Finally on Thursday we found someone to replace me and Friday was her first day of work. I only had practically half of day to get her into the workload which is nothing but still there were things that needed to be done.

My boss invited me several times before to have lunch with him to celebrate Admins. week, but for one reason or the other this could not be done, but now that my last day of work was ending, lunch had to be done no matter what. I really don't feel comfortable eating lunch with my bosses, I mean, what kind of conversation am I going to have? Right? Well, it looked like I had no other choice but to accept the invitation and I was waiting for an excuse to appear so I wouldn't go alone.

The new "girl" didn't bring any lunch for her self and well it seemed kind of unfair and not polite to not invite her out for lunch on her first day of work, besides, she's her new Admin. right? So I told my boss that maybe I should take her out for lunch (I was expecting my boss to ask me to take her along to my fare well lunch but it never happened). Basically my boss sent her to the nearest fast food restaurant so him and I could get along with his plans of having lunch with his Admin. Yikes!

Lunch I guess it was ok, at least he told me some weird stories about how his friends were robbed in Mexico while they were on vacations and that he would never think of coming here by himself alone. And that's where the personal questions began and it wasn't pretty. What kind of boss will ask his Admin. if she's engaged or if she's on a relationship and what of things does she like do to when she's not working? (That sounded more like a date...yuk) So I answered properly without giving him any thoughts that I am interested in his conversation (in the mean time I could not stop looking at my watch, I was waiting for 1:30 to come soon so I could kick him back to the border so I could go back to work). To make a long story short, he suggested we should have lunch together more often because I was an interesting woman and very fun and comfortable to be with, on which I repleid with a HELL NO! (on my forehead) and a no thanks I have work on my mouth.

All of this means that if there was a chance that if I didn't like the job I will start on Monday I would call my boss and ask him if I could come back; with these intentions the man showed me on my last day lunch, that chance is nule.

That really feels baaad; no boss has ever told me that before, I'm still a baby, I could be his daughter, hell! The man is 51 years of age and has a son of 23.

Well now I know why he was insisting soo much on going to lunch just the two of us...

In your dreams old man!

two hours before 5 I had a call from the delivery company. Woo hoo! They would bring my King Bed set at 5 so I had to go home...My problem is solved, they brought me my brand new king size bed, I already slept on it and feels like I'm sleeping under clouds. Ah! This is how heaven must feel like.

Now there's another problem, the bed is too tall and my TV stand is too short, so now I have to go look for a new TV stand because we can't watch TV anymore, the only thing we can see is half of the screen with 2 pairs of feet blocking what is left to see. That sucks!

But hey! Who needs TV with a brand new King Size Bed right?

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