Monday, May 17, 2004

I Procrastinate?...Nah!

I never knew about it until I heard about the meaning of the word…

Yesterday I stayed at home all day, didn’t go out anywhere, it was fun, my boyfriend had to work so I just took a shower and went to bed again.

I remembered my boyfriend asked me to write a letter on behalf of her sister the night before to some email address he gave. I turned on the computer and remember I had to wash the dishes, well while the computer started I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes, then I saw the broth that I left from last night was still on the stove so before I started washing the dishes I went to get a tupper ware to put the broth inside so I could leave it inside the fridge, when I opened the fridge I then remembered I promised my boyfriend I would make watermelon water, so I left the tupper inside the fridge and took the watermelon to prepare the water. I forgot that I had to wash my blankets so before I started making the water I went to the bedroom and have the blankets washed while I made the water, washed the dishes and write that letter on the computer.

So there I went to the bedroom and while I was taking the blankets off I saw little itty bitty animals on top of my blankets…huh?… I have pests?? Not again! So I went to the bathroom and took the bug spray, took out the blankets and sprayed the whole ceiling from where the little creatures were falling. The TV was on and there was a program about Natives (I love native documentaries) so I stayed for a while just to watch a bit of the program before I began to work. I remembered in the mean time I didn’t brush my teeth that morning so I went to the bathroom and washed my teeth, I saw the towel was dirty so I went to the cabinet and get a new towel when I saw my file and then I remembered I didn’t file any statements from last week, so I closed the towel drawer and opened the file cabinet and started filing my papers, by then I remembered I forgot that I had to write the letter to my sister in law so I finished filing and went to my bedroom…but I forgot why I did that if I was supposed to go the computer and start typing that letter, but at least I remembered that I haven’t washed my blankets yet and the little animals had to be taken away from the floor, so I take the blankets to the washer room and grabbed my broom, I cleaned the bugs away and went to the kitchen, oh then I remembered I had to wash the dishes and make the watermelon water so I open the fridge to get the watermelon (which was already out) and I saw a rotten banana, eow! I picked it and put in the waste basket for rotten fruit by then I saw the basket was full so I went to the washer room to get a plastic bag, there I remembered I had to was my blankets, so I left the plastic bag (this time I didn’t want to forget doing something else I wasn’t suppose to be doing) and went to the living room and picked the blankets, I saw the computer was still on, Oh! The letter! So I went to the washer and put the blankets, went to the kitchen and made the water, I saw the rotten banana in the kitchen counter and went back to the washer to get the plastic bag, went to kitchen, threw the banana, went to computer and went to my msn.

There, I found two mails from long lost friends and I could not resist in replying to them so I did; found one of my posts in blogger so I decided what was new over there and well, wrote a few comments, and browsed some more; I wanted to write a post but blogger didn’t let me so I browsed my pc to check what was wrong, by then, I was hungry, so went to the kitchen and prepared something to eat, then went back to the computer, I had to go to the kitchen and get a pill but then I saw the washer machine was already done since a very long time ago so I went to the washer room and took my blankets to the dryer; went back to the computer and then I remember I didn’t take my pill so there I went again to the kitchen and I while I was looking for a glass of water I found a bag of cookies, well I took the bag of cookies and went back to the computer..and yep…forgot to take the pills again so I went back to the kitchen and yes I took my pill. But then, I remembered I had to fix lunch for today and I had to leave the computer for a while to fix lunch, that way I thought I would be off pressure and I would have more time to write that letter I promised my boyfriend I would write for her sister.

While fixing lunch I felt hungry again so I ordered sushi for delivery, in the mean time my boyfriend came back from work, I was still drying my blankets that I had ready 3 hours ago; sushi was home so I ate and my boyfriend asked me “Did you write the letter for my sister?” … Uhm!…chom…chom…chom….gloob…”Of course I did” I said. My boyfriend went to the bathroom and while he was there doing his business I logged into the computer and wrote the letter…in less than 5 minutes.

So this means, that something I could have done in 5 minutes it actually took me more than 5 hours to complete…why? I cannot believe how much work I had at home before I could seat down, relax and type a 5 word letter.


I am supposed to be writing a report right now and instead of that I am writing my post…bleah!

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