Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I lost it...I lost it!!!

This is what happens to me when I try to be like everybody else...

Yesterday I tried to post my profile but it didn't work, so this morning I decided to navegate around my blog to see what was wrong with it, obviously because I had not updated my template so I decided to change it...Oh what a big mistake, not did I just lost all my comments I also lost all my links! The comments I guess they're ok if they get lost till a certain point but when it happens like me that I save those comments for future reference like adding new people to my blog oooh now there comes the problem, well, if any of my readers don't see themselves in my link list don't feel bad, I am just so dumb that I thought everything would be saved if I changed my template, so actually all those links are thanks to two or three of the blogs I have visited for so long, the rest I had to steal them from Jenn...

Thanks Jenn! :)

Tomorrow when I have more time, because today I got blank, I will tell you about my nice trip to work, oh yes, it is one of those days when everything goes wrong with you and at the end you are late, so late that you get all rushed so rushed that everything goes wrong, so wrong that you have to do things more than 5 or 6 times to get it right but at the 6th time you feel all dizy from looking at all those little numbers that you get confused...Yep, that happened to me this morning.

But I'll just tell you the little thing that happened to me at the gas station.

I was running late for work, it was 7:45 am and I had to be there at around 7:50 because we are having visitors today. Yesterday I was supposed to fill my car with gas but I was really too lazy to go to the gas station (1 block away from my home..ok?) so I thought to go early in the morning on my way out. Well as I was running late I wanted everything to be done ASAP but for my good luck, I had a dispatch man so so so lazy, more lazy than the lazy bear. I waited for him for 1 minute or more and still he was walking with this velocity of a baby turtle, I could really not believe this, still at the end when I was about to pay the guy, I gave him a 50 dollar bill so he could give me a 30 dollar change. He had 3 10 dollar bills in his hand and a bunch of other bills; he counted...

Gasman: 1, 2, 3...oh much did you wanted?

Me: 20

Gasman: Oh so, 20 less

Me: 30, you're suppose to give me 30 back.

Gasman: Oh yeah, 1, 2, 3, ok, 3..or would you like change?

Me: No just give me my change

Gasman: 'Cause I can give you change if you want, I have lots of change, see?

Me: No, I want my 30 back.

Gasman: Ok, 1, 2, 3...(gives me the money) so lady...

Me: I push the gas and boom! go away,

Poor guy, I left him with the words in his mouth, but hey! I WAS RUNNING LATE!

Ok, Gotta go, my goss just got out of his meeting and I know he will come to me again to do some more work...

Thank goodness I'm just 30 minutes away from 6...Yeeeahh!


ilumpo said...

Yolis~ I really like this new template! :)

Jenn said...

If you but your halo scan comments back on then you can get your old comments back. I know how you feel, it was a pain in the rearend when I did it too. I didn't have anything backed up!!! I like the new look and that picture of you, well that is just not at all how I pictured you.

Yoli said...

That's my picture of me when I get up every I cute or what?

I tried to get the haloscan comments back but I ended up screwing the template even more so I just left it in peace...sad sad

Good to know i have you back here cause i want to add you to me he...sis!

Jenn said...

I completely understand. It took me like 5 hours to get mine back on there. I will never change it again!

Justin said...

My mom is like that guy.

"Moooooom, can get GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE ALREADY!?"

"Hold your horses...!"

"We're an hour late! The horses have gone!"

Wendy said...

Oh Yoli!! Don't you just hate knowing how bad your day's going to be right from the start like that? ARRRRGGGHHH!!! (screaming in frustration for you)
Ok, let's see if tomorrow can get any better...

Yoli said...

I get ya, I wanted to choke the man like hell.

I am never, ever changing this template again, I still haven't recovered all the links I had there, it's sad I missed my stuff..

Thank you for joining in, actually my day got a little better until my computer had to be rebooted for maybe 6 times in the afternoon because Yoli wanted to play the internet radio while working with 10 different windows all at the same time...oh well...THANK GOD IS FRIDAY!!

Jenn said...

I miss your links to there were quite a few I would go to from your page, because I am so lazy I never linked them to mine.